Seth Meyers Calls Trump ‘Sociopathic’ for His Return to Work Policy

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  • POSTED ON: March 26, 2020

From the WHO to the CDC, every organization is asking people to stay at home and observe quarantine because that is the only way to minimize the spread of coronavirus. However, Mr. Trump has opposing views. Well, no surprises there because we all would have been shocked if he talked sense for once. So it’s good to know that even a global crisis has done no damage to Mr. President’s amazing brain.

Right now there are over 400 000 confirmed cases and every country is short-staffed because of the increasing rate of the pandemics.

Source: USA Today

Health facilities and research centers say that we are not close to the cure so social distance is our only hope as of now. However, Trump plans to send everyone to work in time for Easter which is less than three weeks away. How inspiring!

All the rich people right now are in favor of making sure workers below the poverty line do not stay at home. And those innocent citizens who think that these capitalists care about them, well the only thing these capitalists care about even during a global crisis is their own asses- sorry we meant assets.

Obviously, the rich cannot survive without capitalizing and exploiting the labor of poor people so the option of paying them to stay at home is out of the question. Billionaires might become less rich and corporations that have long maintained the class difference might actually lose 500 points in the stock market so yes, what about the economy? How will the rich survive?

Source: The Washington Times

This is exactly what Donald Trump has been preaching as he continues to encourage people to go to work in less than a month. No one was happy with the approach and Seth Meyers was quick to criticize the US President for his nonsense.

“It’s like those stories you hear about a small town that elects a dog as mayor every year,” quipped Late Night host Seth Meyers, taking one of this trademark Closer Looks (from home) about how utterly ill-equipped Trump is to handle this health crisis. “Sure, you know, it might seem like fun at the time. Dog mayor. But what happens when there’s a thunderstorm and you need the mayor to coordinate disaster relief, but he won’t come out from underneath the couch?”

Furthermore, Meyers said that Trump is not alone in encouraging such policies. In fact, he is aided by some economists at the top of the food chain into introducing a “sadistic plan to put profits over lives’ ‘. They just want people to risk their lives in order to save the economy. What they fail to understand is that the government should be able to provide them with monthly wages, especially since they are the hardest working class in the economic structure.

“Maybe what happened here is a bunch of rich people realized that in order to both save lives and protect the economy they’d have to redistribute some wealth to working people, and that was intolerable to them,” said Meyers. “Because there is a third option here: we can keep people at home to save lives and give them money to get through the crisis.”

Right now, most world leaders are echoing Trump’s policies but it’s a good thing we have health organizations and people who can keep them in check and ensure we priorities humans.

Updated March 26, 2020
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