Seven Incredible Reasons To Wear A Mask!

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  • POSTED ON: July 17, 2020

In the past days when coronavirus was more of a mystery than a misery, health officials were unclear about the defensive benefits of face masks against the virus. Well, those days are over!

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Scientific evidence has now made it loud and clear that mask-wearing prevents both the spread of coronavirus and the severity of the viral infection.

Plague times have since evoked numerous communities and authorities to oblige mask-wearing. But along with calls also come resistance, especially in the United States, and also a bit of drama. Since we are in the first phase of a pandemic, and the second worse wave is about to hit us, mask-wearing has become more important than ever before!

As the virus has made a world where cinemas are suddenly dark, it’s no wonder why people find the guerilla anti-masks videos alluring. If you find anyone or two rallying against mask-wearing, then don’t mind them! They are sick, and in dire need of treatment so we will provide them!

So, do you know anyone who is still living in the dark and needs a bit of enlightenment? Then, make sure to refer this blog to them! We have brought you seven reasons to wear a mask, addressing just about every disclaiming argument that one can imagine.

1. Masks saved humanity in previous pandemics

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About a century ago, a similar plague threatened humanity. Spanish flu also tried its luck but failed. But you know what saved our ass back then? A face-mask! Thanks to Paul Berger, who first invented the face mask and blessed humans with the only tool to defend themselves against viruses until the vaccine.

2. Let’s just do what we best at- jumping on the bandwagon!

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If you prefer not to wear a mask in public during these times, you’ll be called out of fashion. Not only it looks absurd, but you will be distinguished from the rest of the crowd, and everyone will look down upon you as stupid! In a Gallup poll, about 86% of adults prefer to wear a mask wherever they go out in the public.

3. Masks actually help to boost the economy

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Maybe you believe wearing a mask does not benefit you or to others, but what about the economy? In the latest research, economists at Goldman Sachs estimated that masks could prevent the U.S GDP from falling to 5%. You might be wondering that it won’t make any difference. Well, it is $1,027,000,000,000 to be exact! Not just you, the mask can actually help to protect the economy too!

4. They are very cheap

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While some designers are charging an incredibly high price for a mask, which is totally insane for a small piece of cloth. But not anymore! You can buy a pack of 50 masks for just 29 dollars on Amazon. Isn’t it incredible?

5. You owe one to society and the people around you!

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Masks antagonize because they reflect the tough restrictions that coronavirus has enforced upon our willfulness to live a life as we want to. But unfortunately, we can’t! What we prefer to believe has become irrelevant now, because the stakes are much higher! The masks represent the ideology of “what we owe to one another.” Masks are no longer a choice but the basis for human survival.

6. They are fashionable

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Well, it’s a fact that dystopian hazmat suits have been the fashion trend for years. Now, is the time to truly embrace it! Even some designers have started making fashionable face-masks and selling them for hefty charges of course. You will soon see a face-mask with every #costumefortheday trend on Instagram. Do you want one of these? Amazon has got you covered with the best Bloch Soft Stretch reusable face mask.

7. Totally Gross: Covid-19 Droplets can travel 20 feet

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In new research, COVID-19 droplets can travel up to 20 feet in one mile-per-hour breeze. N-95 face masks can prevent you from breathing in and out viral microbes that can infect you. So, even if you’re standing 6 feet away from the infected person and without a mask, you’re equally vulnerable and are at risk. 

Updated July 17, 2020
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