Singer Courtney Jaye’s New Song About Trump’s Bunker Trip is Catchy

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 5, 2020

A new song about Trumps’ recent trip to the bunker has been released and honestly, it is quite catchy.

On Monday, after the protestors reached the White House, President Trump and his family were taken to the bunkers, probably to protect them from the people outside. However, Trump claims it is purely for inspection.

Source: Twitter

Singer Courtney Jaye found the perfect opportunity to come up with a new song about this situation called “Bunker Boy”.

She shared a video of the performance on her social media accounts and with her remarkable guitar skills, the song quickly went viral.
“Bunker Boy, don’t lie. You got scared and hid in the basement in the middle of the night,” Jaye sings. “You’re not so tough, no. It’s a sorry sight. So take your bible, shove it up your ass, and turn on the fucking lights.”

She ends the song with “Bunker Boy, Bunker Boy, November is coming and we hope you’re terrified, Bunker boy”.

Listen to the full song here:

Updated June 5, 2020
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