Slay With These 10 Beauty Products Available In Amazing Deals And Discounts!

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  • POSTED ON: July 28, 2020

WEARY: *applying the same old probably expired product you have in the cabinet*

SASSY: *applies the product from the lists*

Since we are interacting less with the outside world, dressing up and wearing makeup feels like an activity for distant days. Also, finding best places to buy discounted beauty products online seems like a hassle.

Well, not really, some gotta do make up for TikTok videos though.. (and some for video conferencing)

Truth be told, we women don’t need a reason to make up or for self-care anyway! We make up and dress up for ourselves and for the sake of our own pleasure! Lockdown or not, nothing can stop us from being sassy, pretty and above all, taking care of ourselves!

Staying in lockdown doesn’t mean to ditch your beauty routine entirely! And since how long will you be relying on that same gloss for dozens of TikTok videos right? And yes you gotta try that new look for the next gorgeous selfie.

To your ease, we have rounded up the list of ten best beauty deals and discounts from top beauty merchants that will surely make you go like “where have you been all this time!”

So, move that sassy ass and start adding up the following products in your cart before it disappears from the shelves. Hurry up!

1. Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse that will make you feel like you just walked out from a salon and throw some serious money on a hot Curlout. Here’s to the (cheap) long-lasting and hot curls for days.

Image credit: YouTube

Price: $11.77 and save up to $4.00

2. Heeta Hair Scalp Massager will give you the best spa-like experience at home… and believe us, it’s more comforting than your BF’s fingers!

Image credit: Sunday edit

Price: $6.78

3. Entering lockdown with that sharp jawline and exiting with no jawline at all? Well, say no more! Deciniee Jade Roller helps depuff your face in no time; it will help improve the blood circulation that can reduce puffiness and wrinkling. It’s truly a godsend for relieving that awful lockdown stress and makes you feel relaxed and in a graceful mood! Can you think of any better way to put on a smile on that gorgeous face? Didn’t think so!

Image credit: Amazon

Price: $15.27

4. This all-rounder EnaSkin Dark Spot Corrector will remove all your stubborn spots in no time! Got ace marks on the face? No issues! This anti-dark spot agent will make them all disappear. It provides the best defense against the damage that can cause possible spots, sunburns, redness and marks.

Image credit: Enaskin

Price: $21.91

5. Majestic Pure Apple cider shampoo and conditioner gives you a fruitful bath that you’ve long been longing for! This shampoo will sweep away all the massive scalp-clogging buildups you have accumulated since your last wash. It’s truly refreshing, especially for an itchy scalp…

Image credit: Amazon

Price: $23.35

6. Nobody can beat Korean when it comes to manufacturing beauty products that show rapid and long-lasting results! Korean Skin Care snail repair cream feels like a goodnight kiss that you will give to yourself! This night cream moisturizer protects your skin all night long while you’re getting some zzzss!

Image credit: K-beauty Europe

Price: $14.36

7. Hydrating Holographic Peel Off FaceMask because no self-care therapy would be completed without one! I Dew Care facemask has a holographic formula infused with real ruby power to give your dry skin that “oh-so-sweet can i touch it again” look!

Image credit: freemanbeauty

Price: $23.00

8. Take a #DontRushChallenge with these spectacular BS-Mall Makeup Brush sets! Seriously, only a presence of these brushes will bring up the sassiness in your TikTok video! Despite that, it contains the collection of total 18 brushes for eye shadow, Concealer, Blush, Foundation, Pressed or loose powders, Highlighter and Eyebrows! You can’t get a better package at only $12.00.

Image credit: Firotin KRT

9. Get a brightening Vitamin C eye cream for hydrated bright-looking under eyes! You don’t have to do much, just a take a de-puffing applicator, a metal wand and do some *dab* *dab* for a cooling sensation…

Image credit: Amazon

Price: $20.00

10. Ward off that dirt and apply Namaste kitten Facial Cleanser! It controls the excess production of oil and sebum on blemish-prone skin and gives a relaxed and gleamy look! In other words: PIMPLES AND POLLUTION, YOU HAVE MET YOUR MATCH!

Image credit: Thezoereport

Price: $19.00

Updated July 28, 2020
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