Ten Incredibly Easy Stress Management Techniques by Experts During COVID

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  • POSTED ON: November 4, 2020

We’re not going to lie
– this pandemic has taken a mental, emotional, and physical toll on most of us.
We’re always under stress and burdened by constant fatigue. It seems like we
don’t have time for anything, even when we have all the time in the world.
We’re running after our children, gulping one cup of coffee after the other,
and working without sleep to meet deadlines and project requirements on daily
basis. Despite working remotely, we’re unable to cope with work – questioning
our previously held belief that work from home would make our life easier.

People who have
creative jobs are now more stressed than ever and are looking for the perfect stress tip or an effective stress-relief technique They’re being tested by constant
distractions, homogenous routines, and the general meaninglessness of life.
During these highly demanding circumstances, doctors and mental health experts
are trying their level best to educate us on stress management techniques.
Although COVID-19 has fooled everyone into thinking that they’re the best at
coping with stress, only a professional can provide you with effective
stress-relieving tips.

Source: People Matters

What is stress? Let’s
decode this verb properly. Some people define it as a mental state while others
choose to call it an emotional strain. Popular verdict claims that it is a
result of challenging circumstances – a subjective notion. Some people
experience stress due to hectic schedules, while other experience it due to
poor lifestyle and diet.

Thus, you might have
come across people in life who’re not stressed at all even when they’re
managing three jobs simultaneously. On the other hand, there are people who
simply wake up and watch television but get stressed beyond comprehension, just
because they don’t exercise and eat healthy.

Thus, reduce your
stress levels by following the helpful tips provided below! They’ve been
devised keeping the insane elections and unprecedented pandemic in mind:

Focus On Social Connections

The worst thing that
can increase stress and cause depression is isolation. Many people are living
alone during the pandemic – some even continents apart, feeling completely
helpless and anxious. Human beings are bound by emotional and physical
connections. Why do you think a mother is asked to hug her newborn right after
birth? It’s because the newborn feels at home by feeling the physical
proximity. Therefore, understand that it’s a difficult time and we’re all going
to go back to normal. And for the time being, work with social media and other
web applications to reconnect with your loved ones on an emotional level.


Exercise is critical
when it comes to handling stress. When you workout, your body releases healthy
hormones like endorphins, and reduces negative hormones like cortisol, which is
a major contributor of stress. Since the lockdown and pandemic have forced us
all inside the boundaries of our homes, our overall activity level has gone
down as well. Due to this reason, it is now more important than ever to
exercise regularly for at least thirty minutes.

Maintain a Daily Structure

You need to add
structure to your life and existence. You can’t go on living like a nomad who
has no relevance of time. Your body works like a clock, and to regulate it in a
healthy manner, you must give it structure and routine. Specify time for work
and don’t carry work in the afterhours. Have some time to play and chill with
the family.

Practice Yoga

Source: Paddington BID

Exercise is different
from yoga. Yoga is a form of exercise, no doubt, but it has several additional
benefits that are not offered by regular cardio. Yoga strengthens your core, makes
you flexible, and improves your breathing, all of which help relieve stress.
Therefore, take ten to fifteen minutes in the morning to perform power yoga.
You don’t need to be an expert, simply follow the videos available online or
hire an online instructor.

Engage In Problem Solving Activities

Many people have
experienced fatigue and burnout during lockdown. Contrary to popular belief,
stress isn’t only caused by hectic routine and extra work hours. It is also
experienced when you’re not doing anything. Your brain is a muscle and if you
don’t give it a proper exercise, it will lose its strength and swiftness.
Engage yourself in mind games like puzzles and chess. These games are fun to do
and extremely good for the brain as well!

Do Something Tactile

You need to make use of
all of your senses. What do you expect will happen if you sit in one corner all
day, eat garbage, and watch trashy reality shows for eight months? Of course,
your mental health will go down the drain. You must get up, and engage your
senses every single day. Pop bubble wraps, open a jar that is tightly closed,
make quick trips to the grocery store, and just move around!

Give Yourself A Massage

Massage becomes crucial
when your body is literally on bed all day. You need to know that your body
requires movement, otherwise your muscles become numb and fatigued. Therefore,
treat yourself with a calming massage – use essential oils, perfumed
moisturizers, etc. to make it a stress-relieving experience. 

Go On A Cleaning-Binge

Cleaning is therapeutic.
When you’re at home, you get time to focus on the chores for real. Therefore,
get new cleaning supplies, allocate one room of the house every day to focus
on, and this way, you’ll have something to look forward to every day. Make it a
fun experience by turning up the music!

Take A Walk

Nothing is as calming
as a walk in the nature. Your body automatically feels at home when it soaks in
the smell of leaves and flowers and all things nature. Thus, go for evening
walks once you’re done with your office work.

Improve Diet

Finally, none of the
tricks would work if you neglect the quality of food that goes in your mouth.
The health of your gut is absolutely critical as it dictates the release of
hormones in your body. Try to cut sugar from your diet altogether as it ends up
being stored as unhealthy fat in your body and increases weight.

We hope that these tips
help in making life less miserable.


Updated November 4, 2020
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