Thanksgiving 2020: What’s Going Viral?

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  • POSTED ON: November 27, 2020

There’s no denying that
Thanksgiving feels a bit different this year. Due to the pandemic, most of us
couldn’t meet our families and now have to spend time with social distancing. Like
us, celebrities had to follow the SOPs, too, so they kept it simple as well.
However, that’s the thing about celebrities, whatever they do goes viral.
Hence, whether it’s Kamala Harris’s special thanksgiving recipe or Gigi Hadid
using this time to give it back to society, this year, the holiday remained
hectic and full of gratitude.

As we said, celebrities
tried to make the most of this unprecedented situation and spent Thanksgiving
being grateful and dutiful citizens. Check out our viral story!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy Teigen and John
Legend have had a challenging year. They lost a vital family member – something
they shared with their fans as well.  So,
of course, Thanksgiving must have been challenging for them. But despite the
circumstance, they used this time to downsize a little and celebrate this
holiday by enjoying time with the family.

Teigen explains that
she just doesn’t feel up to the task this year. She shared that she’s been
spending Thanksgiving for ten years with John and his family and now she’s
tired of seeing all the food go to waste because she always goes overboard with
the cooking herself. Hence, she decided only to watch a beautiful game of
football. She wants to make this day more about family instead of wrecking her
body by waking up at four in the morning the entire week to get the meal done. She
wants to enjoy the meal wholeheartedly without worrying if the sauce is right
or the turkey is burnt.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and
Prince Harry also had to face a terrible loss this year – Meghan shared her
hauntingly emotional experience in an open letter as well. The royal couple has
decided to keep it low-key and spend the day in their new home in Montecito,
California, where the couple will be joined by Gloria Ragland – mother of the
duchess. Their 19-year-old month son Archie will also be enjoying his first
Thanksgiving in the USA.

Of course, it’s going
to be a quiet dinner and they’ve got ideas to have a nice home-cooked meal
together and go the traditional route this year. In fact, the recipe will be
made from the fresh vegetables from their garden!

Gigi Hadid

The new mother went
viral on Instagram as she shared stories of preparing the Thanksgiving dessert
for her family. However, she didn’t forget to remember her roots and what’s
more important. She reminded her followers of that American land that was
cruelly and forcefully taken away from indigenous people.  She took to Twitter to wish her fans “Happy
Thanksgiving” and asked them to remember those indigenous people on this day
and honor their memory and acknowledge and educate themselves regarding that

Kamala Harris

Do you know what the
top trending story of thanksgiving 2020 was? It was Kamala Harris’s special
recipe! The vice president-elect video resurfaced from 2019, where she is seen
preparing her popular turkey recipe.

The video was first
shared by Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart – the man who initially
asked the then-senator to share her best turkey recipe or tips. And she didn’t
hold back – she passionately shared the tricks that she uses to cook her
thanksgiving turkey, but again, she masterfully changed the narrative and started
talking politics.

In the video, you can
see her sharing recipes of wet brine and dry brine along with basting of the
turkey with a cheap bottle of white wine and then mixing it all with salt and
pepper. We do marvel at the way she instructs people. She also recommends
lathering “that baby” up on the outside and in the cavity (because you don’t
want the insides to be hollow), of course.

In regards to the wet
brine, Harris suggests that we use a pot of water along with a couple of bay
leaves, sugar, and peppercorns. She then adds that we can also use a slice of
orange or something from that family tree.

We’re all aware of
Kamala Harris and her power – her charisma bowls us, so naturally, when a
TikTok user followed her famous recipe, she was surprised because it was THAT
good. Like, you can see it in the video yourself.

And hey, that is not
it! A few weeks ago, Kamala shared another one of her tricks and shared her
go-to family recipe of Cornbread dressing. She took to social media to express
that she always turns to cook during difficult times and since this year’s been
especially hard for all of us, she recommended this recipe as she hopes that it
would bring the same hope and warmth for us as it brings for her.

She mentioned the list
of ingredients that we’ll need for the recipe along with a step-by-step guide
so that we know exactly what the directions are.

So if our Vice
president-elect can find time to cook in-between her office duties, you can
too! Let us know which Thanksgiving viral story you liked the most!


Updated November 27, 2020
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