The Best Places to Sell Stuff Online To Make Cash Money

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  • POSTED ON: October 12, 2020

Are you a hoarder or do
you occasionally find yourself decluttering and giving away stuff to charity?
How about we tell you that can actually make cash money out of all the things
that are of no use to you?

Thank the gracious
internet gods as they have made business easy and convenient for all – pre-loved or
untouched, you can now sell literally anything online!

Source: TechPrevue

From electronic devices
to jewelry pieces and home décor, there are thousands of user-friendly and
profitable websites available on the internet.

Following are our top favorites:

Places To Sell Your Smartphone

Swappa and Gazelle are
two highly reliable websites that allow users to sell all kinds of phones. From
Google phones to iPhones and Samsung smartphones, you can sell anything! In
order to sell your phone to Swappa, you must reset your phone first. You can
upload your phone in the free listings that are available for the entire market
to see and gauge offers from potential buyers.

Places To Sell Your Clothes

Of course, when we
discuss selling our clothes, we can’t forget to mention eBay. It’s actually
great for selling all kinds of things as there’s a market with all types of
users. However, we must warn you that there’s a lot of competition as well. As
of January 2020, eBay had approximately 182 million active users!

You can also lookup
ThredUP online – it’s the largest online thrift store! Whichever site you
choose, you need to ensure that you upload plenty of high quality pictures of
the product and auction it off for full value.

Places To Sell Your Furniture

If you’re wondering
whether or not selling furniture online is possible, you should know that it
is. There are thousands of websites that, in fact, only sell home décor and
furniture.  For example, you can check
out Craigslist or AptDeco; they usually sell original stuff, but if you’re
serious and tell them about the flaws and tears of the product beforehand, they
might accept selling it. You have to give clear contact information and post
pictures that clearly show the current condition of your product. The best
feature of these websites is the fact that all listings are free of cost!

Places To Sell Your Art

Art is personal, but
sooner or later, you feel like selling it – it’s actually a moment of pride
when you see people purchase your work. However, the problem is that most people
don’t know where to sell their artwork and how to sell it for a good price.

The solution can be
found in Redbubble and Artfire. These two platforms are not only great for
selling your work but also buying. Many college students use this platform to
sell their artwork via membership which usually ranges between $4.95 and $40
per month.

Places To Sell Your Electronics

Electronics are often
sold online as there’s always a great market for it. Hence, if you wish to sell
your laptops or other electronic devices like tablets and music system, etc.
you can use platforms like TradeMore and Decluttr. The buyers usually overview a
quotation form that indicates the current condition of the device. Hence,
you’ll have to mention everything in full detail. The payment is usually made
via MasterCard gift card or PayPal.

Places To Sell Your Jewelry

Jewelry is found in a
variety of forms, artificial, handmade crafty, and silver, etc. Etsy is a great
platform for jewelry sellers, as this place sells literally all kinds of
jewelry. Antique and vintage pieces are sold at a higher price, so good on you
if you wish to sell them!

You can also check out
Ruby Lane, it is an upper end and resale website that has one condition – have
at least ten items in the online shop at all times. These websites also collect
“maintenance fee of $54 per month.

Places To Sell Your Car

Cars are actually sold
online through and eBay Motors. These places are trusted by customers,
as they have great reviews and customer experiences. You have the ability to
select a package and the listing cost begins from $4.99. You are also given an
ad for the listings which helps in gauging more traffic. Now the last thing for
you is to put up 10 worthy pictures on the website for the buyers to see!

Places To Sell Your Books

Finally, books—our
greatest escape—can be sold online for valuable prices. Whether you wish you
sell textbooks or books for leisure, there’s a place for everything. For
example, you can check out BooksRun and ECampus – they’re known for selling
textbooks for a good price. You can select the buyback service model and be
aware that there’s a 15 percent commission but no annual fee.

There you have it
folks, secure places to sell anything and everything! You’re welcome. 

Updated October 12, 2020
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