The Hidden Cause of John Gilbert Getty’s Mysterious Death!

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  • POSTED ON: November 24, 2020

Heir to J. Paul Getty, John
Gilbert Getty has reportedly passed away as his body was found on the 20th
of November at a hotel in San Antonio. But whenever a rich person dies so
unexpectedly, the first thought it that there must be foul play. Is there?

Well, as per the
sources, John was found unresponsive in his hotel room this past Friday. The
autopsy is still pending and it is being said that the death wasn’t natural at
all. His family has also confirmed the unfortunate news.

According to Forbes,
the estimation of the Getty family fortune was 5.4 billion dollars in 2015. The
late John Gilbert has a daughter called Ivy Getty and brothers named Peter and

Tragedy seems to follow
this family. 5 years ago, John’s brother also faced his end—at the age of 47—due
to meth intoxication. His body was discovered in the bathroom floor in one of
the family mansions in Hollywood Hills. Andrew Getty was discovered naked and
bleeding in the bathroom, because of a traumatic injury in the rectal region;
he said that he wasn’t well for months.

John’s mother, Ann, on
the other hand, was a philanthropist and she died from a heart attack in San
Francisco, at the age of 79, two months ago. 

John Gilbert’s
daughter, Ivy Getty, is 25-years-old and she posted pictures of her father on
her social media with the following caption:“I
hate to post something so soon, but people have taken it upon themselves to
share the news I wish I could have released myself. I’ll write something better

Like any other daughter,
she believed that her father was the coolest man ever and that she’s super proud
of him. She believes that now two guardian angels are watching over her.

Soon, she shared a
couple of images of her father along with a few facts because apparently he
loved those things. She said that Fiji water was his favorite water, his
favorite rose was Whispering Angel, and he was fond of ice cream and he liked
putting it in the fridge 30 minutes before eating it.

course, the news hit the family friend like a truck.                                 

John Gilbert Getty’s
family, friends, and fans reacted to the news of his death by commenting on his
daughter’s post and they all reacted to her Ivy’s tribute emotionally.

Getty – John Gilbert’s billionaire Father

Gordon is a musician
and philanthropist who inherited his billionaire father’s business, wealth, and
property in 1973 after his death.  He’s
one of the benefactors of the family and holds a $4.1 billion trust and has
split it into six spate trusts. His net worth is of $2.1 billion. He’s also the
founder of PlumpJack Winery with partner Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Here’s the truth about
John. Paul Getty: he was an American-born British industrialist and the
patriarch of the Getty family. He was born in a Christian family in
Minneapolis, Minnesota and was brought up by Methodist parents.

He moved to
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, at the age of 10, and bought rights for 1,100 acres of
land. Soon, he established wells on the lands that produced 100,000 crude oil
barrels every month. Even though his family moved to Los Angeles, he came back
to Oklahoma and got enrolled in 
Harvard Military School for a year at the age
of 14. He finished high school from Polytechnic High School.

This was around the
same time when he got the nickname “Dictionary Getty”, as he was an avid
reader. In fact, he could speak French, German, and Italian fluently. He was
also well-versed in Greek, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. He basically loved
classics, and because of his habit of reading, he managed to acquire knowledge
in Ancient Greek and Latin.

He eventually got
admission in the University of Southern California, but he dropped out before
getting the degree. He then enrolled at the University of Oxford and earned a
degree in economics and political science. He spent the next few years
traveling all over Egypt and Europe. By 1915, the 40% net production royalty turned
him into a millionaire.

This is when he
launched the Getty Oil Company and that is when Forbes magazine declared him to
be the richest man alive. Meanwhile, he held Guinness Book Records for being
the most prosperous private citizen. His net worth at that time can be
estimated to 7.9 billion today.

He was responsible for
forming the Paul Getty Trust in 1953 – which is the wealthiest art institution
that operates J. Paul Getty Museum Complexes: The Getty Center, The Getty
Villa, the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Foundation, and the Getty
Conservation Institute.

Basically, by learning
about John’s lineage, you figure out the pressures he survived. He may have
died soon, but he lived a full life! We hope that his
autopsy comes out clean.


Updated November 24, 2020
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