The Most Shocking Images of 2020

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The word “shocking” itself sums up the entire year of 2020! ‘Most Incredible Photos.’

Some years are so eventful that they go down in history as the most crucial
years of all time
; years like
when global wars ended, and when humans reached the moon – 1918, 1945, 1969 are
in that list.  

Also, check out the most shocking moments of 2020!

The year 2020 will
certainly join this club. It will forever be remembered as a time when over 1.7
million people died worldwide during the pandemic, racial riots broke out, and
humanity found itself in a threatening

This blog contains all those moments that make 2020 so
historic! Scroll down and take a glance at
all that you’ve survived this entire
year and indeed the best picture 2020

Also, check out the most unbelievable moments of 2020 that will make you cry!

Source: Reuters

The catastrophic blazes, which ignited in the end of July,
burned down 4 million acres of land in California by October.

4 million acres! Can you believe it?

Source: Nature

No, this is not a still from any sci-fi movie! This picture was actually taken in Philippines when a
volcano erupted in January 2020. When fragments of moving ashes (containing
ice, rock
, and
glass) ignited against each other in a massive plume, emerge
d from an erupting volcano, causing volcanic lightning.

This photo
of the

giant plume of ashes and thunderstorm was taken in January 2020 near Manila, Philippines
when Taal Volcano erupted and grabbed global attention! 

Source: Getty Images

Despite all the odds, one thing that this pandemic has
definitely taught us is just how
creative people
can be. In the early months of lockdown when the toilet papers and face masks r
an short, creativity became an asset! A mother from Beit Lahia,
Gaza was seen designing facemasks out of cabbage leaves, adding an organic
flair to the personal protective equipment.

This powerful image struck a chord with millions of people
worldwide, as many drew metaphorical resemblance to the ancient legend “Green
Man”- a symbol used by pagans for representing the arrival of spring.

Source: AP

The picture is taken in Philippines showing the aftermath of
volcano eruption in January 2020. In the picture, a stranded dog is left alone
in the ruins after catastrophic ashes from the volcano covered an entire

Source: Getty Images

Music creates order out of chaos” – Yehudi Menuhin

A pianist who survived a massive explosion that shocked the entire city of Beirut, Lebanon in
August 2020.

In the aftermath of a massive explosion at Beirut’s portthat killed hundreds of people and wounded
Raymond Essayan was seen sitting in his devastated resident, playing
the piano… This picture went viral because of
its powerful symbolism of human resilience!

Source: The guardian

The statues of historical figures, that once used to be a
symbol of pride, are now reminding
dark past of slavery!
those statues up is like adding fuel to the already raging fire
, and destroying them is like being in
denial of our very own history.

During the summer, countries around the globe found
themselves in a similar enigma, in a wake of protests broke out after the
murder of African-American man George Floyd. The protestors of Black Lives
Matter pull
ed down
the statute of a 17th-century English merchant and slave dealer- Edward Colston. 

Source: AP

A frontline medical worker stood before the grave of central
Reserve Police Force officer who died of coronavirus complications.

Millions of healthcare and frontline workers are forced to
remain isolated faraway from families to keep them protected after being
exposed to
the virus.
They risk their lives to sa
thousands of people battling with the virus!

Source: New York Post

A whale sculpture saved a crashed metro train in Netherlands in
November 2020. 

Call it a miracle or a coincidence, this incredible moment took place in November 2020, when a metro train
crashed through stop-blocks at the De Akkers station, but was fortunately saved
by a tale of
the whale

Source: Pinterest

Two curious peacocks were photographed walking down the empty streets
of the Spanish city of Ronda, during the national lockdown in Spain – a preventive
measure taken by the government to control the spread of virus.

Taking advantage of the abandoned streets during the
nationwide lockdown, these wild creatures
were spotted making the most out of life and stalling freely in the
most-populated city.

Source: The New York Times

A photographer captured a starving and dehydrated wild horse
moments before it collapsed as Australia wrestled with one of the most devastating
wildfires in January 2020. 

Source: AP 

Healthcare workers tended to an elderly man collapsed on the
street near a hospital in Wuhan, China. 

Source: NYtimes

A memorial of a famous basketball player, Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter
crash along with his daughter Dianna in February 2020.

Source: The Guardian

Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing her copy of President Trump’s
state of the Union Speech because Trump denied her hand shake earlier in the

Source: NYtimes

Two children captured walking down the street surrounded by
the troops of Taliban. In February, US signed a deal with Taliban to end the
decades-old war!

Source: BBC

In a powerful display of solidarity, Italians came out of
their balconies to play and sing songs, as the country battled with the rising
cases of coronavirus in the month of March.

Source: NYtimes

President Donald Trump captured removing his mask upon his
arrival at the White House after being hospitalized for days due to

People were baffled by the message he was trying to convey
by his irresponsible actions.

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Updated December 26, 2020
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