The Mystery Behind Mike Pence’s Pink Eye

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: October 8, 2020

Is this
related to COVID-19?

Vice President Mike Pence’s left eye caused quite
an argy-bargy online during the debate on Wednesday after eagle-eyed viewers noticed some signs
of redness that indicates the symptom of COVID-19 infection. Also, the eye prompted quite unusually throughout the chatter.

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a
proven symptom of COVID-19, but it is only found in absolute minority, and it’s
also a symptom of many other viruses or bacteria.

Even now, the mystery remains intact, as we still
don’t know what caused the redness in Pence’s eye.

But some Twitterati and even celebrities have a
lot to say about Pence’s mysterious Pink eye.

Most instances of pink eye are usually related to
adenoviruses. These are the very common symptoms, including fever, coughs, sore
throats, and diarrhoea said the representative of the Mayo Clinic.

According to the meta-analysis of the studies
published related to conjunctivitis and COVID-19, about 1.1% OF 1,167 COVID-19
patients showed the symptoms of conjunctivitis. The rate is higher for severely
ill people, i.e. 3% as compared to only 0.7% for non-critical people.

Source: Buzzfeed

In fact, conjunctivitis is also very contagious
and can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with tears or any
type of eye-fluid form the person infected.

Pence was tested negative for COVID-19, but he got
in contact with many officials and close aides of the President who have tested
positive for the virus.

Whatever the cause is, we would just say to the Vice
President, get well soon!

Updated October 8, 2020
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