The Simpsons Makers Will Not Hire White Actors For BIPOC Characters

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 30, 2020

The Simpsons is ready
for some change!

Black Lives Matter is
receiving global attention at the moment, which is why it seems that Hollywood
is finally ready to acknowledge the systemic racism that exists behind screens.
Individuals and companies are being called out for their racist attitude and
approach to work. People are being questioned on their deep-seated racist

Hence, understanding
the changing dynamics of the industry, The Simpsons has made some changes to
the program as well. On Friday the producers of the show released a statement.
They said, “Moving
forward, The Simpsons will no longer have White actors voice
non-White characters.”

In the last few weeks,
many shows and industry insiders have made adjustments to their content. For
example, several episodes of 30 Rocks were pulled from streaming as the actors
were shown in Blackface.

Additionally, Big Mouth
and Central Park are changing up the cast and hiring people of color to play
BIPOC characters. These characters were previously voiced by white women. Jenny
Slate was amongst the first white women who voluntarily stepped down from her
role of Missy on Big Mouth. A few hours later, Kristen Bell also dropped out
from voicing a biracial character Molly on Apple TV+ series.

The Simpsons – a show
that has time and again struggled with issues concerning its stereotypical and
somewhat racist representation, has also decided to take action for once.
The character Apu in The Simpson has always been under fire for its exaggerated
accent and day job running a convenience store. The character has impacted the
self-esteem of many South Asian descendants and troubled them with identity

Family Guy has also made changes to its cast as Mike Henry will no longer voice the character of Cleveland who is actually black. 


Updated June 30, 2020
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