The Top Vice-President Prospects for Biden

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  • POSTED ON: August 4, 2020

Tuesday, a wave of new speculations began when Joe Biden was caught on camera
making notes on Kamala Harris. Some of them include; campaigned with me &
Jill, great respect for her and talented. We would soon find out what these
handwritten notes mean because Biden has said that he will announce his
vice-president in the first week of August.

been anticipating this event for the past couple of months and are now eager to
find out who he will name as our future literally depends on it. As per the speculations, here’s a list of candidates who are more likely to become our next
vice president – we’ve highlighted their merits and some drawbacks as well to
make the decision meticulous and clear.

Source: Los Angeles Times


Image credit: The New York Times

is definitely a frontrunner in this race as she has a solid resume at hand. She
has gained experience working with the federal, both state and local;
California attorney general and San Francisco city prosecutor. She not only
represents the Black community but also the Asian-Americans prominently. She
holds supreme expertise in a wide range of issues and has been part of the
presidential campaign – gaining a lot of exposure and experience. However, it seems
that many of the supporters of Biden are upset with her because she raised her
concerns when he recorded school desegregation back in June during 2019
Democratic debate.


Image credit: Orlando weekly

came into the spotlight earlier this year as a member of House impeachment
managers’ team. In Orlando, she has received political prominence which is
great because it’s literally the hub for democrats. She served for 24 years as
a police officer and then 3 years as chief of police in Orlando. To be fair,
there’s nothing critical in her resume as a congresswoman that could hold her
back and make her prone to criticism. She has actually been outspoken and is
keen on improving police-community relations. However, there’s one problem:
there’s a long list of forced allegations against the Orlando police system
during her tenure as chief.


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there’s someone on this list who has actually passed Biden’s “chemistry test”,
it’s Rice. She has worked closely with him even during Obama’s administration.
In addition, she has been associated with international causes that are dear to
liberal – like human rights, for years! More importantly, she has a strong
television presence and has never been offensive to any party faction. 
only problem here is that she has never run for public office. She may have the
same ambitions and talent as Biden but they duplicate them rather than
complimenting and strengthening the campaign. Also, if you remember the
Benghazi incident, then you must also remember the crucial role she played in the
incident – this can be a cause of concern as many conspiracy theories have
suggested so. 


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has a flourishing career and her experience certainly distinguishes her from
the rest of the women on this list. She served as a Speaker of California
Assembly as well as the chairwomen of the Congressional Black Caucus. Her
progressive approach has attracted many endorsements from Bernie Sanders and
Elizabeth Warren supporters. The only problem is that she’s not as popular as
the rest of the national contenders. Also, her past could also come back to
haunt her as she praised Fidel Castro and made an eyebrow-raising statement
when he died.


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Asian-American senator lost both of her legs while fighting in Iraq. You know
how Republican’s claim that Democrats are anti-military and unpatriotic? She
literally proves them. She has in fact spoken actively on matters concerning
veterans, military, as people with disabilities. She was also the first senator
ever to give birth while still serving in the office. Again, the problem is
that there’s not more to her than this. She only speaks on matters she’s
well-versed with and has always played in safe. Hence, we’re not sure how the
Black activists would react if she is announced as vice-president.


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undoubtedly the most popular senator on this list and has had an enriched
career. With a massive fan following, she has been vocal about many
women-related issues. She has confronted many economic and financial issues
that the pandemic has bought forth with it. However, some people believe that
she might handicap the ticket with white male working-class voters. Also,
people aren’t sure if the Black activist would be okay with a famous white
woman becoming the frontrunner as they feel Biden owes an awful lot to the
black voters.

Lance Bottoms

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has acted as a key figure during the George Floyd protests and has confronted
Governor Brian Kemp over his refusal to permit her city to mandate
mask-wearing. However, she is still working as a mayor and is only in her first
term. Hence, her service is only restricted to the Atlanta City Council –
making her less experienced.

Lujan Grisham

Image credit: KRWG

could be the savior at a time when the Latino enthusiasm for Biden is in
question. She’s literally the only Latino prospect so far and has a solid
record in New Mexico. She has also served in the US House and has shown immense
passion and ambition as a Latino woman in politics. However, she’s too young.
Basically, she has only been serving as the governor for a year. And no one can
forget the time when she violated her own mandated policy during the lockdown as
she was pictured buying jewellery.


Image credit: Washington post

is America’s leading voting-rights activists. She is also a congresswoman who
has managed to avoid most conflicts and controversies in a considerably long
career. However, she doesn’t come across as Biden’s favorite as she was
recently vetted by him during the campaign.


Image credit: Wikipedia

is the first openly gay person to win the seat of a senate. She’s everything
you wish for – progressive, team player, and fair. The only problem is that she
may give competition to the black candidates and that may not sit well with the
black voters. 

Updated August 4, 2020
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