The Unbelievable Hype About The ‘Travis Scott Meal’ At McDonald’s!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 9, 2020

Should I be lovin’ it?

McDonald’s just dropped a new Travis Scott meal and it’s causing quite a stir online.

Travis Scott, also known as “Cactus Jack”, is now the second celebrity in the McDonald’s history who now has a special item on the menu named after them, till then Michael Jordan was the only celebrity who had that prestige.

This latest stunt of McDonald’s celebrity-themed meal gives the same nostalgic feels of the ’90s, the same sort of feelings the company used to pull with Batman or Michael Jordan. The kind that would come with the satisfaction of collecting goodies, this time collectable glasses, strengthening the strategy of Happy Meal to target more mature consumers who seek pleasure in collecting things like collectable souvenir glasses.

This vibe is just fitting for Scott, who named his new album Astroworld after a non-operational Houston theme park, triggering the same 90s-nostalgia of hanging out at an amusement park, exactly the vibe we get while eating McDonald’s.

Anyways, McDonald’s announced the latest addition in their menu with a vague tweet:

The Travis Scott Meal’s ad also released today, featuring the celebrity himself as a Happy Meal Toy describing the combo, which he peddles as his “same order since back in Houston.” yeah, we get it the fast-food franchise trying to pull “eat the same thing Travis Scott eats” bundled up with a Happy meal Toy, representing a rap artist itself!

After the meal was announced, social media, as usual, reacted! Twitteratis tweet out their excitement, disappointment and memes in response to the latest item of McDonald’s.

So, what is the meal and the hype is all about?

Well, according to Mcdonald’s, the $6 meal is a combo of Travis Scott’s three favorite items from the menu:

● A Quarter Pounder with pickles, lettuce, onions, mustard, ketchup, bacon and cheese.

● Medium fries with a side of BBQ dipping sauce

● A medium Sprite

And if you’re wondering what’s special about it?

Well, the twist, however, is that the quarter pounder with cheese also contains lettuce and bacon, Scott’s favorite toppings.

And no! The combo does not include a Travis Scott toy. The commercial is highly misleading, as most of the ads usually are, and no collectable souvenir glasses either.. Sorry!

Updated September 9, 2020
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