The US Will Pay You $10 Million If You Can ID A Foreign Election Hacker

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 7, 2020

the US presidential election is only 100 days away, the Department of State has
announced that it will offer up to $10 million in case any information is found
regarding the identity of foreign hackers. Nobody wants any meddling this

department has clearly mentioned that the person will receive a reward of $10
million if they possess any information regarding the identification or
location of any person who may work for a foreign government “for the purpose
of interfering with US elections” via any illegal cyber activities.

foreign interference is already present in this year’s election. According to
sources, Russia already meddled in the 2020 campaign in support of the president
Trump’s re-election back in February. In addition, Russia also interfered
in the Democratic primary to give assistance to Bernie Sanders.  

this wasn’t enough, the elections are also facing turbulence due to the ongoing
pandemic. Many people are worried and are afraid of going to the polling
stations on Election Day. Some states have permitted voting through the mail so as
to contain the spreading of the virus. However, this could be a problem in some
states as delays in mail ballots delivery to poll workers could occur – leading
to increased time at the polling locations.

So, do you have any information that can get you millions of dollars?



Updated August 7, 2020
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