This Is Why The FBI Raided Jake Paul’s Home

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  • POSTED ON: August 7, 2020

Earlier this morning, Federal Bureau of Investigation raised the California house of
YouTube sensation Jake Paul.

looked for objects that could potentially be used as firearms as strong
allegations of criminal acts have been made against him. This, of course, has
to do with the events that took place in Arizona Mall in May according to the
spokesperson of FBI’s Phoenix office.

the Las
Vegas Nevada location
was also raided and this house is owned by Arman Izadi
who is an old friend of Jake and he too is linked with the incident of May.

“riot” that took place in the Fashion Square mall is now being investigated by
the FBI as police has gone out to charge him for misdemeanor. Both Jake Paul,
Arman Izadi along with Andrew Leon are charged with these allegations.

these charges are now dismissed by the local police as they continue to
coordinate with the FBI to ensure just is served. When these charges will be
dropped, the FBI can go ahead with proper investigation to get to the bottom of
the problem.

far, the spokesperson for the FBI Los Angeles has declined to comment on this
case and hasn’t responded to any of our queries regarding the evidence sought
or recovered in the California raid. Furthermore, the warrant has been sealed
and there’s no indication so as to when it will be lifted.

However, no arrest
warrant is out.

house is sort of a hub for Team 10 – his YouTube collective. Also, other
members live on and off and work from there. He hasn’t commented on the raid.
In addition, when sources tried to connect with his business associates for a
comment, none of them responded – in fact, all the emails were bounced back
suggesting error that no address could be found.

“We are still gathering information
and will cooperate with the investigation.”
– Richard
Schonfeld, told TMZ who is Paul’s attorney.

is not new to controversies, and you can read Unknown
to find out more about it. Recently, he was criticized by the mayor of Calabasas because he threw a big party during the pandemic.

Updated August 7, 2020
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