Thundercats Hits Hulu Tomorrow

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 21, 2020

will be streaming on Hulu from tomorrow! You may now watch both the iconic
original series of the 1980s along with the 2011 reboot on the streaming platform.
Let your inner child explode in excitement because we already have!

of us belong to Generation Z so we weren’t born when the iconic series
aired, but we caught up on the magic in 2002 when Cartoon Network programmed
the show again. As six and five-year-olds we would sit in front of our
television box and just be in awe of the coolness that the show sparked.

Who can forget the intro? It was super colorful, and oh, that Lion-O screams? 

was hands down the coolest thing that we all have witnessed in our childhood. We’re all
guilty of grabbing toy swords and pretending to be a member of the awesome
Thundercats. This was really the only sibling bonding period that you can remember
and cherish now. Honestly, this show helped many recover from their low confidence.

Remember, when the reboot came out in 2011! Everyone was so excited but some have missed it. But the good news is that now even though we are grown-ups, these shows are coming back, AND you can stream them as per your convenience.

If one of your siblings is MIA from tomorrow, you know why. Meanwhile, get ready for some screams and have a great time recalling your childhood!


Updated August 21, 2020
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