Tile Will Refund Up To $1,000 on Some Products

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 11, 2020

BIG NEWS! Tile announces and is now
offering a brand new subscription that will allow people to claim money for its
lost items.

The program is called
Premium Protect Plan and it will be accessible starting this fall. This subscription
will cost around $99.99 per year but it will include free battery replacements,
item reimbursement, and 30-day location history.

The original plan is
still intact and costs $29.99 per year.

Currently, Tile is
collaborating with Cover Genius, a company that will make follow-ups and
approve the requests for the lost items. There will be a few exemptions like
commercial papers, drones, pets, prescriptions, non-prescription drugs,
antiques, etc.

For registration, members
would have to upload a photo of the lost item after which Tile will take seven
days to find the item. However, if Tile is unable to provide the lost item, the
customer is free to make the claim.

Tile will also ensure
that the member was subscribed for at least 30 days prior to the claim. It will
also find out whether or not the client had a working battery in their Bluetooth tracker.
Hence, in approximately three to five days, the request will be approved along
with the payment deliverance.

Tile is signaling that it
is credible and reliable, but it’s also not stupid enough to simply give away
money to just about anyone who makes the claim. Physical trackers are installed
to ensure complete transparency.

The company
has partnered up with Bose, Anker, and Sennheiser for system support.  

Updated September 11, 2020
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