Time Magazine Changes Its Name to Remind Us to VOTE

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: October 23, 2020

It’s the first time in
100 years that Time Magazine has changed its name on the front cover, only to
remind us of the importance of our vote.

publishers and several platforms are urging people to get to their voting
booth – it’s truly now or never! The presidential election is on the 3rd
of November, and with every passing day, our heart rate is increasing as well.

Therefore, taking the
baton forward, Time Magazine has also made an effort. In its cover
illustration, the magazine has teamed up with a street artist named Shepard
Fairey. He is the same guy whose poster of “Hope” became an unofficial mantra during the Obama presidential
There was a copyright lawsuit later on, but let’s just focus on the
actual news right now.

On the latest cover, a
person is wearing a bandana face mask which displays the design of a voting
ballot box along with a message to vote.

Fairey’s statement for
the magazine reads: “Even though
the subject in the portrait knows there are additional challenges to democracy
during a pandemic.”

Fairey has collaborated
with Time magazine twice in the past. One time it was for a Hope-like cover
which was an ode to Obama when he became 2008 Person of the Year. The second
time he worked on an Occupy Wall Street Protester in 2011.

events will shape the world to come more than the result of the upcoming U.S.
presidential election.”
– wrote the Time Editor-in-Chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal in a post.

He continued: “To mark this historic moment,
arguably as consequential a decision as any of us has ever made at the ballot
box, we have for the first time in our nearly 100-year history replaced our
logo on the cover of our U.S. edition with the imperative for all of us to
exercise the right to vote.”

The issue mainly
provides a report on the closing days of 2020 campaign as well as a guide on
how you can vote safely. 

Updated October 23, 2020
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