Top 10 Biggest Family Fights On Thanksgiving in History

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  • POSTED ON: November 19, 2020

Thanksgiving is the
time of the year when families meet one another to spend “quality” time
together. Some would use quality and traumatic synonymously if you know what we
mean. Are you following up on your thanksgiving fight history?

Therapist sure are busy after this holiday season! The most commonly
searched keywords on Google during this time of the year are these: biggest family
fight, favorite child, divorce, bulimia, and republican.

Anyway, we’ve compiled the
top ten reasons that might become the cause for all heated discussion and
fights at the Thanksgiving dinner so that you feel prepared to go in. Try and
avoid them if you can, maybe?


The time for dinner is
often a problem because of the difference in preferences. Like, some prefer to eat
and be done with the “formality” by noon but others don’t even show up before 2

This can be a reason
for confusion and chaos – resulting in lots of drama. Members of the family
usually, deal with the situation by consuming alcohol (in whatever form they can
find) because after an elaborate minute of patience, you begin to hear loud
sighs and dismissive banter.

Significant Others

Some families are petty—sorry,
but that’s the truth—so you might be put in embarrassing spots, like your
parents would pretend that your fiancé doesn’t deserve to be in the family
photograph. Yes, that was a reference from a soapy TV drama Parenthood. 
However, many would
argue that it’s relatable if you come from a conservative or overall dramatic


If you got kicked out
of school, failed a subject, or got fired from a job – we’d recommend you skip
the dinner altogether because the minute you step into the house, you’ll be
taken potshots at. Things will get worse if you’re the black sheep of the family.

You know, parents like to
pretend that they don’t have a favorite but they do. So if you’re not the chosen
one, you’ll be at the receiving end of criticism. So, drink up and don’t take
it personally. Just book a session after the holiday and let your therapist
handle it all.


Yes, it’s Thanksgiving,
and a well-cooked turkey is a must. But what if the cook is not ready to accept
the criticism? It’s a proper holiday and you deserve to treat yourself with a
fine dinner, so it’s okay if you tell the regular cook of the house (who’s not
ready to admit their poor culinary skills) to take a break… at least for the

Source: The Re-Return

But again, if you tell
them directly, this can rub them off the wrong way. Actually, whatever you do
or however you try to sugarcoat the truth, it will sting. So just eat the damn
turkey and order takeout later.


A good friend would
tell you not to indulge in a controversial discussion with the family; this
advice comes from experience. In fact, sex, religion, and politics are
difficult topics to talk about anyway.

Different generations
and different ideologies are bound to create friction and you might not even
realize when a discussion would convert into a heated debate, and soon, an out
and out quarrel.


Do you know how many
people have come out of the closet on Thanksgiving? The list is endless – it’s
when the families are gathered to celebrate gratitude and appreciation for one

However, there’s always
a ‘but’ – as soon as Uncle Tim or Aunty Caroline come out of the closet and
reveal their most personal secret, the oh-so modern family reveals its dogmatic
views on sexuality and religion.

But hey, stand up
for that member of the family, even if it makes you the bad guy.


Every family has an
alcoholic who spoils the fun on Thanksgiving by making snipping remarks after
the fifth drink or so. Normally, these situations aren’t as comical as the
movies show – you know, that stressed out mother, gulping the sixth martini,
and saying idiotic things.

Anyway, our advice is to
get out of the gathering as soon as dinner is over – which is going to be heavy
but not just because of the delicious dinner.


You know who gets more
upset than you over your broken relationships? Your family, apparently. They
sure have a lot to say about your romantic life when their own is an example of a troubled paradise. Of course, the news of divorce is upsetting, but people
shouldn’t expect you to share every little detail of your personal life – even
if it’s your own family!

Source: Tell-Tale TV

Do they not realize
that breakups are hard and that you don’t like the feeling either?

and Appetite

Who is responsible for
your insecurities? Your family! They’re the first ones to remind you that
you’re a “little overweight” or “larger”, and the best one, “cuddly”.

This conversation can
get pretty bizarre because they’d keep an eye on your plate all the time. And
don’t worry if you’ve got a slim figure, because then
you’re anorexic. Honestly, there’s no way you can please everyone.

The best way to spend
Thanksgiving is to dive right in and expect nothing but drama.



Updated November 19, 2020
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