Top 20 Horrific Cat Videos Including Azealia Banks’ Dead Cat

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  • POSTED ON: January 14, 2021


Cats are super precious; even when they’re obnoxious, they can bring you an immense amount of joy, remember funny cat videos and cute cat videos all over the internet. These irresistible creatures can capture hearts and enslave you using their charms, especially if you have seen funny cat videos for kids.

If you have ever owned a cat or like us, been owned by one, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. We are talking about funny cat videos for kids. However, time and again, we get to hear human beings mistreating these lovable animals. There are several kitty cat videos available testifying to that. We don’t know what compels them to do these things.

Recently, a clip of 29-year-old rapper Azealia Bank surfaced on the internet and 8000 people reacted to it in which she ‘digs up her dead cat Lucifer’ and boils its bones to ‘bring it back to life.’ Ummm, yep, that’s true and sooo horrific and can’t be seen as the best cat videos or cat entertainment videos.


The clip shows Banks and another person dig up bagged remains of the cat that died last year. Posting the video on Instagram to her 683k followers, Banks explains that Lucifer died about three months ago and she had buried him in the ground, now “we’re digging him up for the very first time.” The rapper can be seen clawing into the soil until she pulls out a large white bag.

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The video that followed showed Banks stirring into a pot of boiling batter and some other contents, some of which looked like a skull. She captioned the video, “She’s ready.” The clip has been deleted from the rapper’s social media ever since.

How? We mean what? Why would someone do something like this?

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with this question, on Tuesday, Banks started trending on Twitter when millions of people reacted to her video. While some made memes, others were seriously disturbed by what had happened. What’s interesting to know is that Banks had previously admitted to being a ‘witch,’ she has often talked about her interest in magic. In 2016, she also revealed that she also sacrifices chickens.

While no other video can top Azealia’s, we still collected the top 20 most brutal and warrior cat videos on the internet for you along with some interesting facts about cats or tips about cats.

Here’s another video proving that human beings are pure evil. This 16-year-old boy tosses a cat into the middle of the street and you can hear the little guy screaming in pain and fear.

This video shows a man hitting a defenceless cat violently and throwing it in an apartment pool. This charge is a felony.

This one is a news report on a cat murder that took place in a peaceful neighborhood. A beautiful cat was held down until drowned in the water at devil’s creek.

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YouTuber Shane Dawson described a sexual encounter with his cat in a disturbing clip when he was 19. The clip from a podcast came back to haunt him in 2019, and he denied ever doing the deed.  

This video has super disturbing content. It shows a man forcing two cats to fight each other.

Another news report on animal cruelty. A boy is seen shooting and killing a cat hiding in the tree. The video was posted on the culprit’s Snapchat.

Student’s in Oklahoma high school are seen dressing in lab coats, waving cat corpses to a song, making them dance.

This one will make you laugh, after all the abusive videos, this one is a refresher. An ugly looking cat is standing outside a house, creeping out a family.

Here’s another video of a teenage boy hurling a cat into the street. We don’t know what it is with boys throwing cats into the air.

A student from Patterson High School, Garret Hailesenior is shown throwing a kitten into a river. Police arrested the culprit.

Watch this video at your own risk. It shows a cat being thrown to hungry crocodiles. The cat can be seen struggling and fighting for her life as she’s being attacked by the crocodiles. 

This is an investigative report on a video that shows a football player hurling a cat into a lake.

This is a CCTV video of a woman walking down a street when she’s approached by a cat, she picks up the cat and throws it into a wheelie bin.

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Here’s a sick man who throws two kittens into a fire. The video shows a cat running away from the man while her fur is on fire.

Throwing boiling water on a cat, this takes animal cruelty to another level.

After watching cats being thrown in the water, air, and fire, here’s one of the poor creature being thrown into the snow.

This woman live-streamed herself hitting her cat and throwing him against a wall. The kitten was later rescued from the lady.

When a video of a man throwing a cat forcefully to the ground went viral, he was arrested by the police immediately and taken in for questioning.

This video exposes a YouTuber who harasses her pets.

After watching these videos, our faith in humanity has been completely shattered. We don’t think anything can restore it at this point. Find more of these clips on our Facebook page and share your thoughts in the comment section below .

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Updated January 14, 2021
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