Top 20 Thanksgiving Family Feud Questions

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  • POSTED ON: November 27, 2020

While a tasty turkey and a mouth-watering pecan pie are thanksgiving essentials, the day remains incomplete without some classical family games. One of these is Family Feud games. If you’ve been playing this with your loved ones for years, then you know how entertaining it is. However, if this is the first time you’re hearing about it, then you’re in for a sweet ride.

Here’s a short lesson on Family Feud, after which we’ll share some interesting questions that you can use when you play the game with your family this year.

What’s Family Feud?

It’s a game based on an American TV show format that first debuted in 1976. There are two family teams of five members that compete against each other to answer some questions. There’s a twist, of course. The families have to give answers that they think would be most popular in a 100-person survey panel. Sounds simple right?

Things You Will Need

Now this game doesn’t require too much preparation. If you want to be fancy, that’s your call. Get two buzzers and maybe a podium. You can do without these things too.

How Is It Played?

The game begins with one member of each team stepping up to the podium. A question is thrown to them. The person who rings the buzzer first gets to answer the question, if they get it right, they get the point and the game moves on to the next question. However, if they get it wrong, the other team gets a chance to answer the same question. The podium member is not allowed to consult their members in this round; they must answer on their own. Whoever gets three wrong answers loses the round and the team with the most popular answers wins.

This is the most common way a family feud is played, but there are many different versions. So you can choose to play however you want. You’re going to need a list of family feud questions no matter how you decide to play with; here’s a list of top 20 interesting questions that’ll leave your family guessing. You can find points associated with each answer in the brackets. Don’t forget to add them up to calculate the scores to choose the winning team.

For Children

Question no. 1: What’s that one place where you’re repeatedly told to stay quiet and use your inside voice?

• The library (30)

• The classroom (25)

• The cinema (20)

• The church (15)

• The hospital (10)

Question no. 2: If you ever go to a haunted house, what would you find there?

• Ghosts (30)

• Spider webs (25)

• Dust (20)

• Mice (15)

• Skeletons (10)

Question no. 3: What’s one thing about summers that makes you wish the season would never end?

• Summer vacations (30)

• Ice cream (25)

• Pool parties (20)

• Going to the beach (15)

• The weather (10)

Question no. 4: What’s that one thing in a person’s wardrobe that only comes out on special occasions?

• Tuxedo (30)

• Dress (25)

• Necklace (20)

• Tie (15)

• Gun (10)

Question no. 5: What is the last thing that you do right before calling it a night and going to bed?

• Brush your teeth (30)

• Change into sleepwear (25)

• Read a bedtime story (20)

• Turn the lights off (15)

• Do your hair (10)

Question no. 6: What’s your favourite thing to munch on when watching a movie at the theatre?

• Popcorn (30)

• Nachos (25)

• Fries (20)

• Potato chips (15)

• Pretzels (10)

Questions for Teenagers

Question no. 7: What’re the first things that come to mind when you think of the word vampire?

• Twilight (30)

• Blood (25)

• Fangs (20)

• Bat (15)

• Damon Salvatore (10)

Question no. 8: Which ‘throwback’ TV series do teenagers loves to binge-watch?

• Friends (30)

• Gossip Girl (25)

• Pretty Little Liars (20)

• One Tree Hill (15)

• The office (10)

Question no. 9: What do you do with a selfie that you capture on your mobile phone?

• Upload it on social media (30)

• Send it to a friend (25)

• Edit it (20)

• Delete it (15)

• Print it out (10)

Question no. 10: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

• Check your phone (30)

• Brush your teeth (25)

• Hit snooze on your alarm (20)

• Eat breakfast (15)

• Get ready to go out (10)

Question no. 11: What food can you eat with your hands?

• Pizza (30)

• Burger (25)

• Fried Chicken (20)

• French Fries (15)

• Burrito (10)

Question no. 12: What’s the most common reason that you do not reply to someone’s text?

• You forget (30)

• You ignore (25)

• You’re busy (20)

• You don’t know what to say (15)

• You don’t want to talk to that person (10)

Question no. 13: Name one thing that your parents encourage you to do?

• Study hard (30)

• Clean your room (25)

• Follow your passion (20)

• Spend time with family (15)

• Listen to them (10)

Questions for Adults

Question no. 14: What’s the most common reason for you to get to work late?

• Stuck in traffic (30)

• Snoozed alarm too many times (25)

• Car broke down (20)

• Family emergency (15)

• Bad weather (10)

Question no. 15: Name one thing that can always be found in your pantry.

• Flour (30)

• Rice (25)

• Vegetables (20)

• Fruits (15)

• Beans (10)

Question no. 16: What’s the most hated chore you have to do every day?

• Taking out the trash (30)

• Doing the dishes (25)

• Doing the laundry (20)

• Vacuuming the house (15)

• Cleaning the washroom (10)

Question no. 17: Name a critical combination of numbers that you have memorized?

• Your cell number (30)

• Your social security number (25)

• Car number plate (20)

• Bank card number (15)

• Driver’s license number (10)

Question no. 18: Before texting was invented, how did people used to communicate?

• Through phone calls (30)

• Email (25)

• Letter (20)

• Fax (15)

• Pigeon (10)

Question no. 19: Name a thing that comes around only once after several years.

• Leap year (30)

• Eclipse (25)

• Elections (20)

• Olympics (15)

• Cricket World Cup (10)

Question no. 20: What’s one thing you keep in your car for emergencies?

• Flashlight (30)

• Spare wheel (25)

• First aid (20)

• Map (15)

• Money (10)

Now that you have a list of these exciting questions gather your family by the fireplace and start playing Family Feud.

Updated November 27, 2020
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