Top Five News of the Day: Covid-19, Election, Economy, Police Violence, and Syria

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  • POSTED ON: October 5, 2020

This year has been
significantly rough – natural calamities to toxic politics and economical
upheavals, we’ve seen everything! However, don’t put down your armor just yet,
as there’s no sign of things slowing down any time soon.

Here’s the full roundup
of where we are today– 5 things October 2nd has to offer!


As you know, President
Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have contracted Coronavirus. This
news may come off as a bit ironic since we all know Trump’s stance on the
pandemic. The truth of the matter is that this puts the country at an incredibly
vulnerable position; it could even pose concerns regarding national security.

Another thing to keep
in mind is that Donald Trump is 74-years-old – an age bracket that is the most
vulnerable to this fatal virus. The physician taking care of the President’s
health has written a memo confirming that Trump is doing well and will be
quarantined at the White House. We’ll also have to wait for a week to see if Trump develops any more symptoms.

Meanwhile, Biden has
been asked to get tested as he was in close proximity with the President who,
by the way, has been roaming around without a facemask. Vice President Mike
Pence has been warned about the situation and in case Trump’s health
deteriorates, he’ll be asked to step in and take over Presidential duties for
the time being. 

Election 2020

With the Election Day
inching closer, more apprehensions are taking shape. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has
restricted the drop-off locations for mail-in ballots to one site per county
even though this is careless if you consider the population size – it’s huge!

In Michigan, the state
attorney has charged two right-wing political operatives of intimidation and
unethical use of power. They were caught running a voter suppression campaign
to threaten the voters.

Apart from this, the
President has finally given in on public pressure and condemned White supremacist
groups, like KKK and Proud Boys. In an interview with Fox New’s Sean Hannity,
he changed his earlier statement and compared the violence helmed by far-left
groups with White Supremacists.


Currently, a $2.2
trillion stimulus plan has been formed for the Democrats but it hasn’t received
bipartisan support from the Republican-led Senate. So basically, there’s still
no economic relief fund for the families and businesses struggling due to the

Most companies are all
set to post their third-quarter numbers – which will most likely show a
distinct plunge from last year’s earnings.

Now, it’s not like the
job market is not improving, but it is doing so at a snail’s pace. Just last
week, approximately 837,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits,
and this puts the unemployment rate at 8.2%.

 Police violence

According to the Human
Rights Watch report, the New York Police Department charged 300 protestors in a
Bronx neighborhood with planned assault in June. This tactic, known as
Kettling is indicative of a situation where police surround protesters and
stop them from leaving the controlled area.

This, according to the
HRW is an outrageous attack on the human right of free expression and peaceful
assembly. They coerced the peaceful protesters and arbitrated arrests and

In addition, today is
also a deadline for grand jury recording release for the Breonna Taylor case.


The dispute between
Azerbaijan and Armenia is getting uglier day by day, and now rebels from Syria
are being recruited to fight as well. But the real question is, why would Syrians
care about this conflict at all? Apparently, these recruited rebels belong to
Syrian National Army, which is backed by Turkey.

Earlier this year, the
Turkish military also recruited them to fight on behalf of the Libya government
– currently undergoing a major transformation. 
It’s an open secret that most of these Syrian nationals get manipulated like many people get recruited thinking they’re being put on guard duty but
instead they’re sent as a fighter to fight battles of other nations. They sign up
for these assignments as they’re desperate for money. Of course, both Turkey
and Azerbaijan continue to deny it.

Anyway, let’s just say
that the world is in the ‘Bad Place’ now.


Updated October 5, 2020
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