Top Resources To Learn American Sign Language

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  • POSTED ON: July 8, 2020

Sometimes you don’t need words to communicate!

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Thanks to the internet, you don’t need a tutor to teach yourself the sign language.

In the deaf and dumb community, sign language is one of the most prominent sources of communication. The visual language consists of a set of hand movements and gestures that equate to the verbal words for communication.

American Sign Language (ASL) can be learnt through plenty of sources, and the internet is one of them! From useful applications to video tutorials, an ocean of opportunities are available online for those intending to enter the wonderful world of sign languages.

1. YouTube Videos

YouTube tutorials can come in handy if you aspire to learn sign languages. There are plenty of teachers giving free lessons on how to gesture common phrases, alphabets, numbers and many more.

Here are the few channels to subscribe:

– Dr. Bill Vicars: He has plenty of certifications in deaf-related studies. His passion for sign language reflects on his YouTube channel, which has a surplus of ASL lessons.

– Expert Village: The YouTube channel is a great source for learning visual languages, especially for the beginners. They start with simple phrases which are not understandable but also easier to remember.

– Laura Berg Life: Formally known as “My Smart Hands,” this YouTube channel has a variety of ASL lessons aiming to teach both adults and children.

2. Websites

There are a variety of websites exclusively designed for learning purposes. It also includes quizzes, fun activities, games, lessons and much more.

Following are the few options to consider:

– ASL Pro: Don’t get fooled by its boring appearance, actually, this website offers a variety of activities that make the learning process more interesting than ever. You can learn sign language through games, quizzes and fingerspelling practices.

– This website is a treasure of all the words and their corresponding signs, for those who aspire to learn sign language. All you have to do is type and search for the word, and the website will find a video related to that word.

3. Other useful resources

Learning is incomplete without the aid of tangible objects! For example, books and Flashcards. If you would like to try some old school methods of learning, then Amazon has some great products to offer.

American Sign Language for Dummies: Whether you’re a beginner or looking for a great refresher, the book offers you a comprehensive introduction so you can easily get a grasp of ASL.

Learn American Sign Language: This book is a complete guide for learning American Sign Language with the aid of brand new photographs by deaf actors.

Signing Made Easy: Willing to use ASL for expressing your thoughts and emotions? Then, this guide is the right choice! It includes sentence drills and exercises to increase comprehension and signing skill.

500 Flashcards of American Sign Language: This set of flashcards is ideal for teachers, children, adults and anyone who is aspiring to learn American Sign Language.

Now you know where to look at for ASL lessons, start with spelling out your own name. Get your hands moving, and let your message be heard from afar!

Updated July 8, 2020
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