Top Ten Merciless Winter Fashion Mistakes

  • POSTED ON: 03/Nov/2020

Winter is coming…

The kind of top winter fashion we all look forward to (even the King in the North)!

While the light-wear fashionistas mourn the passing of summers, the people who love heavy and warm clothes await the winter season with pleasure. You would definitely want to adorn yourself with more than one clothing at once or maybe single if the weather allows but slaying in the best winter clothing is not everyone's cup of tea.

Yes, you will have many chances to wear the best sweaters and jackets (cashing the holiday sales, of course), but unfortunately, there are many chances that your styling may go haywire.

Not to mention when your mom forces you to wear that ugly winter's scarf just because she feels it's warmer than your newly bought H&M's jacket, or when she makes you wear 20 million layers just because she feels colder than usual - can't do much in that department, though!

As we rush headlong into the eye of the cold hurricane, Hayvine has rounded up the list of 10 biggest winter style mistakes. Consider it one of your embarrassing sartorial lists and pledge never to experience any of these fashion mistakes!

Wearing Waterproof jackets with the suit

Yes, it's a go-to style for a traveler, but wearing a waterproof jacket directly over a suit not only does it look impractical but also scruffy and outdated! It looks downright shabby when your suit's jacket pulls out the bottom and creases up when you sit down. So, buy yourself a wool single-breasted overcoat, and stop being a grandpa!

Wearing wrong shoes

In order to look perfect with the winter styling, booties and thigh-high shoes are what everyone should go for! So, ditch your skinny heels for this season at least, and get yourself a perfect pair of boots that can go along with any of your jackets.

Wearing soggy and frayed jeans

Awkwardly long and scraggly jeans are best for some other times, but definitely not winters! Just imagine yourself in frayed jeans after dragging it through brown snow, and a few puddles, the sight should better be left for only imaginations, right? So, avoid looking like you've been dragged on the ground, and get yourself a pair of jeans that fit properly.

Over accessorized

Just to make things clearer, you ain't a queen or King in the North, nor are you from the center of the world! Getting overboard with accessories along with double-coated jackets and sweaters will only make you look weird if anything. So, women! Wear the right number of accessories and slay like a modest queen! 

Wearing hiking boots while walking your dog at the park!

Facepalm - this is what everyone's been seeing; you with hiking boots in the city! Yes, no matter how much you adore the only footwear you own that is too gifted by your ex, it will only make you look like an outdated lazy grownup who can't afford to invest in some stylish winter footwear, so….

Over-sized sweaters

Truth be told, oversized sweaters look extremely comfortable and flattering to wear around the house. But those cozy sweaters don't look that appealing on anyone, especially when you go out in public. For public events, fashionistas prefer to wear light wear sweaters like chenille that can easily be carried throughout the day without looking like a teddy bear...

Wearing the Harry Potter Scarf

While some people pull off their perfect winter style with a Harry Potter scarf, others just simply seem to struggle with it, especially when it keeps on brushing against their knees or tripping in their way while climbing stairs. Don't be hard yourself; you'll do just fine without a scarf, believe us!

Wearing flip-flops

In another episode of the disastrous winter footwear, we present you the most nuisance and widely used footgear ever - Flip-flops! We know you're stepping out for groceries on a Sunday morning, but it's January!  And you're giving us some unwanted shivers!

Ugly Hats

It's not a pleasant sight, seeing someone with an ugly oversized beanie on the top of their heads like a discarded condom! It's never too late to invest in some cool, stylish and trendy headwear to save yourself from embarrassment!

Over layering!

Winter is the perfect season to combine and layer some of your favorite apparels for the sake of fashion and style, but it's not an easy game to pull off correctly!

Before you start sticking a single jacket with every other outfit, hold yourself a minute and think if it really goes along with your style. Imagine how 10 layers of apparels would weigh like after you step foot onto the tube. 

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