Trump Administration Asked To Pull 3D-Printed Gun Files Offline

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: April 15, 2020

The latest news regarding the Trump Administration reveals that state officials have sent him a warning to pull down 3D-Printed gun files. The letter urges the Defense and State Department to enforce rigid regulations and ethical barriers against the export of weapons as well as the production of undetectable firearms.

“If the federal government fails to act, these files will be distributed widely with potentially grave consequences for our national and domestic security.” – reads the letter.

Attorney generals argue that Defcad is violating several laws and can be justified as hidden criminal activity. They further elaborate on how Defcad is potentially violating the export control regulations along with the Undetectable Firearm Act. The Undetectable Firearm Act essentially prohibits the manufacturing, owning, and trading of guns and ammunition that don’t trigger metal detectors.

The letter warned that “anyone who downloads the file could automatically manufacture functional weapons that cannot be detected by a standard metal detector and, furthermore, are untraceable because they lack serial numbers.”

The letter further commented that “Continued dissemination of these files will increase the risk of terrorist attacks and gun violence across the United States.”

Could we hypothesize that Defcad encourages terrorism? 

Source: KUT

The Trump administration launched Defcad in March with a vetting system to permit only US residents. However, the policy has a loophole. Nobody can track where it goes once it’s sold to a US resident.

Defcad has issues with ITAR, however, the claim that it goes against the Firearm Act is still questionable. Although lawyers have proposed a ban on 3D-printing weapons, they’ve focused more on the production rather than the course of distribution.

Updated April 15, 2020
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