Trump Declares COVID-19 Disaster in Massachusetts

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  • POSTED ON: March 30, 2020

The latest news claims that 35 lives have been lost due to COVID-19 in Massachusetts and 3,240 bodies have contracted the virus. This puts this state in a red zone as it’s an extreme situation compared to the other cities of America. 

Source: Marketwatch

President of the United States of America, too, has declared a state of emergency in this region and has ordered federal assistance for the state. What this piece of information reveals is that federal funding is now available for the citizens of Massachusetts to fight the crisis. As per the statement given by the White House, “Funding is also available to state, tribal, and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations for emergency protective measures.”

As mentioned earlier, at least 35 people have died out of complications from the illness. By Friday, the state Department of Public Health had reported that 3,240 people have already tested positive.

Due to its disastrous impact, Gov. Charlie Baker has requested the federal government to accept the “major disaster declaration” for Massachusetts. The assistance declared has exceeded what was mentioned in the emergency declared by Donald Trump on 13th March.

Hence, under federal emergency, the management agency’s Public Assistance Program within the Major Disaster Declaration, impacted local governments, state agencies, and few private nonprofit organizations statewide. It will compensate 75% of their cost related to response and emergency protective measures.

Source: Al Jazeera 

The Emergency protective measures will cover for the non-congregate isolation and quarantine cost of the homeless along with the first responders. This commitment was made by the Governor’s office.

This funding will also cover the cost of all the psychological assistance needed by the patients to recover from the trauma caused by the sufferance of the COVID-19 outbreak. The emergency aid will be offered through electronic phone and chat technology.

The process for the application of the Public Assistance Program can be convoluted, hence; plans have emerged to provide webinars to municipal and state officials and eligible non-profits – said the representative of The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. They will also offer any other information needed to simplify the process.

W. Russell Webster has been made the federal coordinating officer for federal recovery operations by Pete Gaynor (administrator of the FEMA) and more adjustments and designations will be announced by the state if necessary.

It’s actually reassuring to see the government taking such serious and quick actions to ensure public safety. By making the funds accessible, many lives could be saved. The action taken to provide services to the homeless community is genuinely satisfying as it’s always the underprivileged strata that suffer the crisis first.

Thus, as responsible citizens, it has become crucial that we practice social distancing, procure tests in case of doubt, and maintain sanitization all over. We all need to do our bit. It is no longer about how much we can do, but about whatever you can do to ensure the safety of ourselves and everyone around us.  

Updated March 30, 2020
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