Trump Insists that Chloroquine Can Prevent COVID 19

  • POSTED ON: May 19, 2020

President Trump has been coming up with a lot of absurd theories and cures for the virus since February and even though many doctors have refuted his statements, his determination to spread misinformation is commendable.

Donald Trump has still not forgone his belief that antimalarial medication hydroxychloroquine and zinc prevent coronavirus. He went as far as taking the drug but we are not sure if he actually did that or he just finds amusement in misleading the masses.

“Here’s my evidence. I get a lot of positive calls about it,”
he said yesterday in a White House roundtable with restaurant executives.

Source: Getty Images

He said that after one of his valets and Mike Pence’s secretary tested positive for the virus, he decided to take the aforementioned drugs every day. According to him, this is the reason he still hasn’t shown any symptoms of the virus yet.

Earlier, when the research about the chloroquine drug was released by some researchers in the United States, many labs around the world performed experiments to see if COVID 19 could be prevented with it. However, no positive result was acquired and the research is still in its earlier stages.

President Trump said that many frontline health workers are taking this drug as a preventive measure and he’s following their lead. The side effects of chloroquine include damage to a part of the eye, life-threatening heart effects, and muscular weakness so we are not sure if any healthcare worker is risking the consumption but Trump insists otherwise.

The FDA has even warned against the use of the drug after Trump’s administration pushed the organization to authorize it. The medical staff has already said that all the information coming from the White House at this point is totally unreliable so like we said, no one is sure if Trump himself is even taking the drug.

He went as far as suggesting cures like Lysol injections, bleach, and ultraviolet light so not trusting his word when it comes to coronavirus should go without saying.  

Updated May 19, 2020
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