Trump is not Happy With Defense Secretary Who Refused His Orders

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  • POSTED ON: June 4, 2020

President Donald Trump asked for the military to provide back up forces to control the protests and demonstrations in the United States. However, Defense Secretary Mark Esper refused to do it. This, obviously, upset the President who is used to having his way in the government and so he decided to confront Esper for publicly disobeying his order.

Trump also asked his top advisors if the government should keep Esper in his position or let him go. He did all this just because the Defense Secretary refused to employ the military to disperse the protesters.

Source: The Print

On Wednesday, President’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany subtly discussed this matter during her news conference in the afternoon saying that Esper will continue to serve as Defense Secretary. The White House and Pentagon refused to comment on this.

On Monday, Trump threatened that all the people protesting for Black Lives Matter should be ready for harsh resistance by the military. However, the defense chief said that he was not aware of the President’s plans.

Trump’s forces initiated violence against the protestors when he had to walk to St John’s Episcopal Church and this move was criticized by many religious leaders as well as the Democrats. He stood in the church and held up a Bible after his guards forcefully pushed away all the protestors.

Source: Guardian

Esper said that he was not aware of the plan of going to the church. “I did know we were going to the church. I did not know a photo op was happening,” Esper said.

Trump’s advisors condemned this statement saying that Esper should not establish such a clear difference between him and the President.

This is the opposition that the Defense Secretary employed by Trump is receiving so imagine the treatment of all the protesters who stood outside the White House to demand justice for George Floyd and countless others who have been killed due to systemic racism in America.

Updated June 4, 2020
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