Trump’s Fixation with IQ Continues in the New Leaked Video

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  • POSTED ON: March 2, 2020

Donald Trump proves that he’s still as obsessed with IQ as he was fifteen years ago in the new leaked video.

Source: Vanity Fair

Remember in 2004 when he went to the Today Show to promote his The Apprenticeship? Can you recall how he bragged about the contestants of the show? Here’s a recap:

“These are 16 brilliant people. I mean, they have close to 200 IQs, all of them. And some may be beautiful, and some may not be beautiful. But everybody has an incredible brain.” Said Trump to Matt Lauer – the host.

Well, that wasn’t the end of it. Since then, Trump has used the IQ card on multiple occasions. And don’t be mistaken as we come with the receipts.

This was him declaring that he held intellectual dominance over George W. Bush, Barack Obama, George Will, Karl Rove and the entire staff of the Washington Post. Times like these make you believe he’s delusional. 

This “beneath the dignity” comment was made when Trump attacked the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. 

So, you get the point, right? He’s obsessed with IQ.

Anyway, his fixation with IQ continues in the newly released video published by Vice. The conversation recorded at the donor dinner he hosted in 2018 is ridiculous.

“In Colorado, they have more accidents. It does cause an IQ problem. You lose IQ points.” – Says Trump in the video.

Also, Lev Parnas, to whom Trump was speaking, made pro-weed attempts on a rather friendly note.

However, the days when both parties were on good terms are over. In fact, Parnas released a string of impeachment-related material that holds significant value. And to be honest, they don’t make Trump look good.

Updated March 2, 2020
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