VIRAL| Revealing Pizza Rat Man and NYC Subway Rat History!

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  • POSTED ON: November 23, 2020

Do you recall that
viral video of a rat dragging a pizza slice down the famous stairs of the New
York subway station? The short snippet is practically a meta-performance that
provides a more faithful description of the city than any other guidebook.

The video went viral
after Matt Little shared it on YouTube in 2015. And you know what the best part
about the video is? It’s the sheer determination of the rat to drag the slice
down the stairs. Anyway, recently, a somewhat similar video has gone viral
where an artist is recreating the moment, and everyone is sharing it and having
a good laugh.

The laugh-out-loud
video of the performance artist Buddy the Rat, Jonathan Lyons was actually
shared by an American basketball player, Rex Chapman. He added a caption saying
“I love New York (sic)”.

In the video, Lyons is
wearing a huge mouse mask and has paired it with a nice pair of shoes and body
costume along with gloves. He is seen crawling down the subway stairs and
literally dragging a large pizza slice along with him. The performer then
shared that video on his social media account and coined the term Pizza Rat.

Now you can’t deny that
the replication is hilarious and as funny as the original video. In fact, it
gets repeated every year as netizens are just not getting over it! Chapman has
actually shared the video from a different angle and has captured the moment
when the commuter that is walking downwards jumps from the railing once he sees
the Pizza Rat. Both videos are being shared and appreciated on social media,
leaving the online users amused and entertained.

The video has brought
several quintessential New York artefacts together: a pizza slice, NYC subway
performer, and the famous NYC rat. Also, you get to see a variety of reactions
from the onlookers, which honestly will be the highlight of your day!

Ever since 2015, when
the first video leaked online, a trend has started where New Yorkers recreate
this clip almost every year. Sometimes, a Pretzel Rat or Egg Muffin Rat is also
spotted. You might have also come across a hipster Avocado Rat at the Brooklyn
Greenpoint Avenue Station a couple of years ago.

However, we’ve got to
admit that Pizza Rat remains the OG. In fact, people have tried their best to
give it a run for its money – it’s the gold standard, you see. You may
occasionally come across a doppelganger sometime again this year (possibly with
a facemask?).

A couple of years ago,
Instagram user met with the idol at a midtown subway track and posted the video
with this caption: “I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT! I repeat: I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT! Lexington
Ave./59th Street on the downtown 6 track. #Blessed.”
Sheer amusement!

Jonathon Lyon has
shared his experience with the “fans
and has said that they display one of the three topical emotions: they’re
either overwhelmed with fear or they’re joyous and pounce at him… or they’re
completely indifferent (oh, New Yorkers!)

People talk about the
residents of New York in a very unique tone. No matter what the context, the
response is always “only in New York”. And the observation is possibly an
honest one. Like, you could be having a regular day, walking down the street,
and come across some something totally berserk, and give no reaction to it
whatsoever. There’s this vibe, more like a belief, that says that anything can
happen in New York.

Honestly, Lyon’s
Instagram screams that he’s New York’s biggest fan! You’ll see many posts of iconic
New York locations, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, and the NYC
subway, etc. In fact, you may also see Buddy on Lyon’s Instagram feed where he has
shared a short film directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson (you may know him from
Isn’t It Romantic and A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas)

Little known fact: the
short film will soon be released on his official YouTube channel on

He has said that it’s
an incredibly surreal moment for him as the film captures the essence of New
Yorkers who’re literally cooped inside for months because of the pandemic. He’s
also said that he’s excited and ready to celebrate and send out hope to anyone
who may need it. He’s the glass half full type of person, you see.

Just like the majority
of New Yorkers, Lyons is from Scottsdale, Arizona – a non-native. He’s an
aspiring actor and puppeteer who graduated from college back in 2005. He has no
plans to leave the city and his love for New York is truly contagious!

Okay, let’s discuss the
significance of the rat in New York. If you’re not from New York, you must
wonder why people are so obsessed with the rats there. Well, the truth is that
they are everywhere. You will even find them in densely populated areas, and
the number is so large, that it’s almost impossible to suggest an estimate.

Source: nbc news

According to an urban
legend, the count of rats is five times the number of people. Anyway, some
researchers claim that the number goes up to 2 million, but hey, we all know
that’s bullshit.

These rats aren’t sweet
or worthy of being pets. On the contrary, they carry pathogens and are
responsible for causing diarrhea, vomiting, and fever along with cat scratch
disease, trench fever, and what not. In addition, these rats carry disease-causing
viruses (and God knows we’re tired of hearing the V-word!). And let’s not
forget allergies that are caused by rodent hair and feces (UGH!).

Most New Yorkers make
rodent complaints online and the NYC Health Department inspects private as well
as public properties for rats literally every other day. People are even fined
in case they fail to deliver the notice served by the department. All in all,
the problem is pretty bad, but hey, the love New Yorkers still have for the
city is undeniably infectious!


Updated November 23, 2020
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