Watch This Trump Interview Moment Being Compared To Veep

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 5, 2020

Person, woman, man, camera, TV”?
Well, Trump is not done, so here are some more bizarre moments from his latest

his 40-minute interview, Trump took every opportunity to remind us why we are
tired of him. First, he gave his good wishes to child sex trafficker Ghislaine
Maxwell because he felt sorry for her. Why? Because her boyfriend (Jeffery
Epstein) was either murdered or he committed suicide in the jail… who said our
president is not compassionate?

also said that he doesn’t find John Lewis to be impressive because he didn’t
attend his inauguration. We’re guessing he forget about his accomplishments
like the fact that he campaigned through the civil rights movement and was a
great congressman who served his country well.

also dodged every question relating to US intelligence.  Do you think this is it? Huh, in your dreams.
He continued the conversation with Jonathan Swan and forced him to convey
statistics that make him look good. It’s obvious that the president is more
concerned about his image than the actual death rate.

little background on the Swan: He’s a professional journalist who is an expert in interpreting statistics without error, and oh, he also has an eye for when he’s
being manipulated. Maybe Trump didn’t know that Swan’s father is actually a medical communicator and physician who ended up becoming Australia’s number one
person to convert figures during the ongoing pandemic.

when will Donald Trump learn to shut up and focus on the real problems? 



Updated August 5, 2020
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