What’s the Update on New York?

  • POSTED ON: May 18, 2020

As the United States has decided to lift some restrictions on the stay-at-home order, the cases of coronavirus continue to rise. Due to this, the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is asking citizens to avoid public spaces like beaches or the government will be forced to reinforce the restrictions.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is encouraging people to get tested so that they can come to a more precise conclusion about the virus. During his live news briefing in Albany on Sunday, he demonstrated the test for the masses and eradicated the myth of any danger being associated with the test kit.

Source: NY Times

The doctor put a swab inside his nose, collected the sample and the governor sat back without any harm. “That is the whole test,” Mr. Cuomo said. “I’m not in pain, I’m not in discomfort. Closing my eyes was a moment of relaxation. There is no reason why you should not get the test.”

The doctors, however, have been asking citizens to stay at home and quarantine if they feel mild symptoms. The medical staff said that they are swamped and more people would be exposed to the virus if they come to the hospitals.
On Sunday, the Governor said that the state has increased the capacity for testing to 700 drive-in and walk-in tests sites.

He has presented Phase 1 of the New York reopening plan and said that anyone who is associated with a business that would be operating under these guidelines should get tested.
So far, New York is reporting about 40,000 tests per day according to Mr. Cuomo. The state health commissioner says that if we include private labs, then the total capacity goes up to 80,000-90,000 tests per day.

Here are some updates from Cuomo’s press briefing n Sunday:

– An additional 139 deaths were reported on Sunday. Of those, 106 were in hospitals and 33 were in nursing homes. The 139 deaths are the lowest one-day total reported since late March, according to state data.

– The total number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in the state has slowly but steadily declined. As of Saturday, there were 5,897 patients hospitalized, down from 6,220 the day before.

– The average number of new virus patients who have been hospitalized over the last three days has also declined, to 374, down from 400 a day earlier.

Source: NY Times

Earlier, Mayor de Blasio announced a summer plan for New Yorkers. He has warned the citizens to avoid beaches and other public spaces. “No swimming. No parties. No sports. No gatherings,” Mr. de Blasio said at his daily news conference on Sunday. “We’re going to give people a chance to get it right.

He said that if people are found violating the rules, the government would be forced to fence the beaches.

Updated May 18, 2020
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