Will this pandemic make the world bitter or better?

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  • POSTED ON: April 8, 2020

Just like any World War that changed the course of the world, coronavirus has emerged as a significant event that will be remembered in history for its destruction. The consequences that will follow this pandemic are not even clear right now but we do know that there is a global economic recession waiting for us at the end.

The market is down, the values of stock have decreased, competitions have disappeared and all in all even the most developed countries are facing challenges as far as the economy is concerned.
To say that coronavirus and social isolation were unpredictable would be an understatement as no one was ready to just suddenly put a pause on the world.

However, looking at it from a much broader point of view, does this pandemic have any positive sides? Yes, it does.

Source: Foreign Policy

While the lives of millions are at stake, coronavirus has unmasked some of the ugliest truths of society. In the last couple of months, we have heard people beg for “normalcy” but were we living in a “normal world” before coronavirus disrupted our routines?

The billionaires aiding to capitalism were feeding off of the poor people and as coronavirus took over the world, their intentions which were previously decorated with generous donations and charities have been revealed.
The healthcare systems of countries that claim to be superpowers are in shambles and the insurance companies have dropped all their claims of providing lifetime health and happiness.

World economic powers are looking for ways to save their own multi-billion dollar organizations and as a result, they are laying off employees, especially minimum wage workers who they can no longer afford to pay in exchange for their labor.

So when we pray for “normalcy”, what do we mean? For instance, if the pandemic suddenly disappears next week, would any worker feel comfortable working for organizations that showed no concerns for the health of the employees and basic human rights during social isolation? Or would any of the citizens go back to trusting governments that clearly have zero plans of healthcare in case any such condition arises in the world again?

The defense and military budgets of several countries cross the mark of trillions of dollars and the fact that we are better equipped to kill people in the war than to save people from a deadly disease is just plain sad.

So after the pandemic, where are we headed? A lot of people were not able to receive their wages for March and April and they were suddenly categorized to be below the poverty line. A world where capitalists make thousands of dollars per hour was not able to support minimum wage workers for two months without their labor.

Does it all sound bitter or better to you? 

Updated April 8, 2020
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