World’s loneliest elephant: Kaavan’s update on Meeting Cher!

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  • POSTED ON: November 30, 2020

Cher meets the world’s loneliest elephant! 

It took a whole pandemic to make humanity realize how it
feels like to be in isolation for years…

Thanks to the global health crisis, we now realize how
crucial the support of our family members and our friends is for survival!
Every minute in isolation, we long for a quick chat with friends, a glimpse of
people who you adore and just their overall presence, if not anything else!

Now, imagine the condition of World’s loneliest elephant Kaavan, the world’s loneliest
elephant, who has spent much of his life languishing alone in captivity.

All thanks to Cher, Kaavan ‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’ is
on its way to freedom!

After years of public protest and campaigning by the US
singer and actor Cher, Kaavan has finally embarked on a journey from Pakistan
to freedom in a Cambodian sanctuary.

The 35-year old bull elephant’s miserable condition in an
Islamabad zoo triggered a global uproar from animal rights groups. 

He is being transported in a special cargo to the sanctuary
in Cambodia, where authorities are anticipating for his arrival.

The Cambodian sanctuary is home for over 80 elephants and is
equipped with facilities and experts who keep animals safe and sound in their
natural environment.

Non-profit Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary announced in a
Facebook post that Kaavan will live in a massive jungle-like enclosure, where
he will be fed on food provided to him naturally. He will also get some fruit
treats to “satisfy his sweet tooth.”

Despite the pandemic, Cher visited Pakistan to oversee the
elephant’s relocation process and also met with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran
Khan and other government officials on Friday.

“Thanks to Cher and also to local Pakistani activists,
Kaavan’s face made headlines around the globe and this contributed to the
facilitation of his transfer,” said Martin Bauer, a representative of Four Paws
International, animal welfare who aided the relocation process.

The Oscar-winning actress and famed singer, Cher met Kaavan in
Islamabad zoo to extend her moral support to the elephant.

And frankly, an epic union of Cher and Kaavan is probably
the most emotional yet wonderful thing you’ll see on the internet right now!

It was so emotional seeing Kaavan extending his trunk to the
actress, and greeting his ultimate guardian angel!

The celebrity also sang a song “A dream is a wish your heart
makes” for Kaavan, in a way telling him that the days of suffering are over, as
she has come to rescue him!

Earlier this year, Kaavan was diagnosed with malnourishment
and also showed some behavioral issues.

“My wishes have finally come true,” Cher said in a statement
addressing to her charity ‘Free the Wild.’

“We have been counting down to this moment and dreaming of
it for so long and to finally see Kaavan transported out of (the Islamabad) zoo
will remain with us forever.”

In view of Kaavan’s condition and the lack of facilities in
the Islamabad zoo, Pakistan’s high court ordered the closure of Marghazar Zoo
and also asked to move the animals at the earliest.  

Kaavan’s only companion in the zoo died in 2012, and since
then he became the “Loneliest Elephant in the World.”

Sri Lanka gifted Kaavan to Pakistan government 35 years ago,
when Kaavan was still an infant!

Since then, Pakistan’s only Asian elephant has spent 35
years in the wretched condition in a controversial Islamabad zoo, where he suffered
from isolation, malnutrition, and malformed nails because of poor living
condition in an inappropriate structure.

Cher first learned about Kaavan from Twitter users, who
were producing a documentary film on the elephant’s story.

“I thought, how can I fix this? How can I save an elephant
who’s been shackled to a shed for 17 years and who is a thousand miles away?”
Cher said. “This is Free The Wild’s first big rescue and I am so proud.”

On Tuesday, Kaavan had a heartfelt farewell party organized
by friends and fans in the vicinity. The zoo was decorated with balloons,
banners of wishing the animal well, music playing for the animal, and treats distributed
among the attendees. “We will miss you Kaavan,” read one of the banners.

A group of experts and vets from Four Paws spent days
preparing the animal for a relocation process and getting him ready for his
trip to Cambodia.

Experts coaxed a moderately sedated Kaavan into an
exclusively constructed metal crate, which was elevated onto a lorry through
ropes and taken to Islamabad airport. 

Thankfully, Kaavan has now arrived in Cambodia where he was received by American star Cher and some authorities from Four Paw animal welfare organization.

Cher is personally financing Kaavan’s relocation process.

Kaavan is just one animal, there may be thousands of
wildlife animals suffering from isolation behind bars and are in miserable
situation in zoos worldwide.

It’s high time we humans stop being selfish for once, and
let these animals enjoy the freedom they deserve!

Stay tuned to Hayvine to get some more world’s loneliest elephant update.

Updated November 30, 2020
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