Shakira & J. Lo’s Full Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Facts

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  • POSTED ON: February 6, 2020

Ever since the announcement made that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are going to headline the Super bowl HIV Halftime show, the stage was expected to be burning with powerful Latina energy. The performance was at an epic scale and the one to remember for years to come!

The powerful 15-minute performance began with Shakira pulling all the right notes of ‘She Wolf’, which was followed by a myriad of her famous compositions. The fantastic medley was compiled of all her famous songs of the past, including ‘Whenever, Wherever’ and ‘Hips Don’t Lie’.

The fans were pleasantly surprised to find her launch into ‘I Like It’ by Cardi B, which was later joined by Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny to give this song a remix of sorts.

Source: Insider

The fierceness wasn’t over as soon Jennifer Lopez flaunted her exceptional pole dancing skills as a toast to her movie Hustlers. Amongst her greatest hits, she chose to sing along the tunes of ‘Jenny from the Block’, ‘I’m Real’, and ‘Get Right’.

She then changed into a beautiful sequenced silver and nude piece to demonstrate the fantastic choreography with yet another classic ‘Waiting for Tonight’. Next, she was joined by J Balvin, with whom she sang the recent hits ‘Que Calor’, ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’, and ‘Mi Gente’.

Fun Fact: B Palvin did this number with Beyonce who was present at the stadium. With his exit, Lopez launched into ‘On the Floor’ – a song she did with Pitbull.

Source: Insider

This was the moment when things got a bit political as Jennifer was joined by her daughter Emme, who sang ‘Let’s Get Loud’ with other kids present on the stage. By this time, Lopez had draped herself in the Puerto Rican flag as a nod to her heritage. It wasn’t until ‘Waka Waka’ came along that both singers shared the vocal duties on stage. The performance was historic as it was the first time we witnessed two powerful Latinas together in a perfectly synchronized performance.

However, these were mere highlights of the show.

Do you want to know the actual details of the performance and behind-the-scenes facts?

Let’s dive in!

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1. Do you know that Jennifer Lopez’s outfits were all designed by Versace? And for the background dancers around 213 costumes and 143 pairs of shoes were designed by her styling team? Of course, you missed that one.

2. Let’s come to Bad Bunny for a minute. So, his coat has approximately 13,000 Swarovski crystals. Yeah, and one of the rings he wore had the number 24 written on it, which was a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

3. Interestingly, Shakira’s birthday was also on the same day. What a way to make headlines as you turn 43!

4. Both Shakira and Jennifer Lopez had invited singers who represented each other’s heritage. J. Lo performed with B Palvin, a Columbian artist, and Shakira featured Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rico national.

Source: Miami New Times

5. Shakira also performed zaghrouta – a traditional Arabic celebratory chant, as a reference to her Lebanese heritage.

Source: Giphy

6. Additionally, a world-champion salsa group from California also joined Jennifer towards the end of her performance.

7. One of the outfits that Jennifer adorned was a feather coat, emblazoned with the US flag. However, when she took it off, you could see a Puerto Rican flag underneath. This was also timed with the moment she started singing ‘Born in the USA’ with her daughter.

Source: Vanity Fair

8. Shakira’s three outfits were by Norwegian designer Peter Dundas, and it was embellished with nearly two million Swarovski crystals.

9. Also, now that you’ve seen the grand performance, you should know that the dancers prepared for it for nine hours every day for six weeks.

Source: New York Times

10. And finally, J. Lo and Shakira are not the first Latina artists to perform in the halftime show, but this was the first time that a large portion of the singing was done in Spanish.

Updated February 6, 2020
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