Thanksgiving Day Games: The Journey of Detroit Lions

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Thanksgiving is more than just arguing with boomers over dinner. If you are a sports fan, you may choose to let the racist comments slide because you are way too pumped to watch the thanksgiving game.

All games held on thanksgiving have been iconic. However, there are a few that are absolutely unforgettable.

Here are some of the best NFL Thanksgiving Day games of all time.

The 1974 War between Denver Broncos (31) and the Detroit Lions (27)

The 1974 match between the Denver Broncos and the Detroit Lions was the first-ever game that had regular-season overtime. The Broncos played first, and the game ended up with a tie. But they didn’t accept defeat just then. In the Thanksgiving Day game with the lions, they outperformed on the field in the third quarter. With Detroit initially in the lead, the Denver Broncos flipped the game towards the end to claim the victory.

Game score:

Denver Broncos: 31

Detroit Lions: 27

Source: NFL

1984: Detroit Lions Vs. Green Bay Packers – The year when the lions became hopeful!

Detroit Lions had never embraced a win on Thanksgiving Day until 1984. In fact, the team was popular as the one that lost every single time. However, on the momentous occasion of Thanksgiving, the Detroit Lions played against Green Bay Packers (who didn’t have a good season either). This pairing may have driven the Lions to victory!

Game Score:

Detroit Lions: 31

Green Bay Packers: 28

Source: Detroit Sports Apparel 

The revenge of the Green Bay Packers (1986)

The Green Bay Packers did not, indeed, pack their bags. Instead, they came back fighting for their next match with the Detroit Lions.

The NFL Thanksgiving Day game once again paired the two teams for a battle in 1986, the Green Bay Packers (44) delivered with full rage. As a counter-attack for the 1984 match, the team defeated the Detroit Lions (40) by four points! However, the Lions fought back with the same charisma. The Green Bay Packers did not only defeat the lions, but the game ended up being one of the highest-scoring games in NFL Thanksgiving Day history!

Game Score:

Green Bay Packers: 44

Detroit Lions: 40

Source: Green Bay Packers 

The Lions struck again! (1995)

The 1995 Thanksgiving Day game did not disappoint. As usual, the Lions started the season with a bang! This particular game had many moments worth remembering. This was the game when Minnesota Vikings player, Warren Moon, threw the football for 348 yards. His record was then broken by Lion’s player Scott Mitchell, who threw for 410 yards. If the excitement wasn’t enough, Barry Sanders made a fifty-yard touchdown!

Game Score:

Detroit Lions: 44

Minnesota Vikings: 38

Source: Today in pro Football 

The Lions break a record! (1997)

The 1997 Thanksgiving Day may not have been the most exciting, or the most compelling to watch. But this day was when the lions made history! In a match with the Chicago Bears, the Lions made the most points (55) in the history of Thanksgiving Day NFL matches.

Game Score:

Detroit Lions: 55

Chicago Bears: 20

Source: Heavy 

The rivalry Continues (2001)

The rivalry between the Lions and the Green Bay Packers experienced an all-time rise when the two teams came head to head again in 2001. The Lions were not at the top of their game as they had zero wins throughout the season. However, they still fought hard.

This was by far the closest game between the two teams. The lions could almost taste the victory when they scored a touchdown (with 10 seconds left on the clock) intending to achieve the score 29-27. The game could have gone to overtime if the lions had made a two-point conversion. In the end, they failed.

Game Score:

Green Bay Packers: 29

Detroit Lions: 27

Source: Mental Digest

The Lions lose their mojo (2007)


By this time, the lions had become accustomed to losing. However, being paired with the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day should have made them fight harder, but they didn’t. The Lions tragically lost this game, but they did not fail to impress. The 2007 game had many field goals, and Brett Favre gave it his all. This Green Bay Packers player completed 31-of-41 for 381 yards and had three touchdowns.

Game Score:

Green Bay Packers: 37

Detroit Lions: 26

Source: Bleacher report

Updated December 20, 2019
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