On Roads & Sailing Seas: Uber Event, Pure Ease!

In a world where industries are constantly updating, Uber refuses to be left behind! The company has made traveling easier for everyone across the globe. Further, with enhancing delivery experience, too, Uber doesn’t know when to stop! Which is good because, believe us, you would admire the application’s new update and future plans. 

That said, an event took place in New York earlier, and it discussed everything this application has for its consumers this year! Thus, from boat rides to group groceries and reaching out to teens exclusively, this blog has covered everything. So, stay with us and keep reading, as it will only get better from here! 

Uber’s Background Check

Uber is a transportation company that provides a service where you can request a ride using a mobile app. Instead of traditional taxis, the app connects you with independent drivers who use their own cars to offer you a ride.

On Roads & Sailing Seas: Uber's Event, Pure Ease!

The company was founded in 2009. Since then, it has grown rapidly and become a well-known name around the world. Many people around the world prefer Uber for its convenience and reliability. You can request a ride from almost anywhere. Further, the app keeps you connected with the driver and tracks the location. 

Uber’s Growth Over The Years

Though the company has faced several ups and downs. Here’s the breakdown of its growth and popularity over the years. 

  • Flexible Income

One of the reasons for Uber’s growth is that it offers a flexible income opportunity. Many drivers choose to work for Uber because they can set their own schedule and work when it suits them. This also helps the application to have a large pool of drivers available to pick up passengers.

  • Low Prices

Another perk of choosing Uber is its low prices compared to traditional taxis. This feature makes it perfect for those who want to save money or have a limited budget. 

Uber rocketed its sales and demand with the food delivery feature. With this app, people can order food from various restaurants and receive the parcel at their doorstep. 

What’s New? 

Earlier this week, the Uber Go-Get event took place in New York City. Amidst the event, the creators of the company announced their new services and highlighted new ways to be at the top of their game. We’ve discussed these updates below; 

  • Uber Boat

Uber is now offering boat rides! Yes, you’ve read it right. According to the head of Uber Rides, the company already operates ferry services in London. But the Mykonos venture is exclusive for private bookings. 

On Roads & Sailing Seas: Uber's Event, Pure Ease!

The overall decision to opt for boat rides was influenced by the post-pandemic travel trends and the popularity of Greece as a travel destination. Further, Greece is expecting massive tourists this year too. So, Uber’s partnership with local boat operators will skyrocket sales.

  • Group Grocery Deliveries

Yes, boat rides are fun. But what about ordering groceries as a group? During the event, the CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, described this feature as a better way to handle groceries, which is an essential life chore. 

Further, with a group order, there will be no issues regarding money distribution. It will be easier for everyone involved, and that’s a promise. 

Besides this, Uber is also introducing other features like customized orders and suggested replacements. With these, customers can request off-menu items and suggest substitutes for out-of-stock products.

In addition, similar options have been available from competitors like Instacart for a while. But, Uber’s focus is on building customer loyalty rather than just providing convenience. 

  • Teens Exclusive 

Uber’s other approach is for teens only. The company has introduced teen accounts for ages 13 to 17. Thus, youngsters of this age group can book rides and receive packages across the United States and Canada. 

To ensure safety and protection, Uber will only match teens with drivers with high ratings and experience. Further, parents can also track such trips and contact the support team in case of an emergency. 

Uber’s Concerns Regarding The Updates

While Uber is confident about the new updates and future plans. We can’t miss out on discussing some concerns;

  • In Terms Of Grocery Delivery

Uber’s idea of group grocery delivery is appreciated. But still, it is not a new thing. Though the company has invested in apps like Careem, Cornership, Postmates and Drizly. Instacart remains the major player capturing 73% of U.S. digital grocery sales in 2023.

On Roads & Sailing Seas: Uber's Event, Pure Ease!
But still, there’s hope to overcome this challenge. In February 2022, Uber’s delivery unit received a profit for the first time. And as per estimations, the share of digital grocery sales can increase by 0.7% this year, probably from 7.2% to 7.9%. 
  • About Attracting Teens

In the past, Uber had tested teen accounts on a smaller scale, but it wasn’t a priority at the time. Now, the company is more focused on finding new ways to grow and expand its customer base.

Though it’s uncertain if targeting teens will be a winning move for Uber. But transportation already accounts for about 4.6% of all the money that teenagers spend. This means that while it’s an important expense for them, it’s not their massive spending. 

Still, by introducing teen accounts, Uber has a plan to attract a young audience and make them their loyal customers. But we’ve got to wait to see the results for this one!

Our Take On This

Though we are aware of the promising plans of Uber to grab the leading position in the global market. But these strategies have to work to make that happen. And the company has high hopes regarding helping the consumers with their needs and making things accessible for them. 

So, what did you like about this blog? Let us know by leaving a comment or connecting with us on our social media platforms! And if you are interested in reading more about tech updates, click here

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