Elon Musk says we can now buy Tesla with Bitcoin

Elon Musk’s recent fascination with Bitcoin has grown more intense, as the Tesla CEO is now claiming that we can purchase a Tesla vehicle with Bitcoin. Well, yes, and he’s not even kidding!The world’s-richest-person-turned-twitter-troller, pardon, Space X’s CEO, Elon Musk, tweeted on Wednesday, saying, “You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin.” Earlier in February, the company announced that it is now considering Bitcoin as a means of payment “in the near future.” In the same month, the company even claimed that it has purchased about $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.After being skeptical for a short while, Musk has now fully embraced this new asset! During an interview with a media organization on 31st January, the 49-year-old businessman said, “I do at this point think Bitcoin is a good thing, and I am a supporter of Bitcoin.” He added, “Many friends of mine have tried to convince me to get involved in Bitcoin for a long time.”“I think Bitcoin is really on the verge of getting broad acceptance by conventional finance people,” he continued. In case you’re wondering how that would work, keep reading.Musk shared some of the details in a series of tweets. He says that the vehicle manufacturing company operates its own Bitcoin nodes and makes use of their “internal & open source software” for the crypto-currency payment method. For all those who are bullish on the value of Bitcoin, Musk also claimed that Tesla plans to keep the Bitcoins they will get in car sales, instead of converting them into traditional currency.At last, Musk said that this payment will only be available for people living in the U.S. However, the company plans to make this payment method available for other regions “later this year.” What will happen after Musk’s decision?Well, it’s too early to measure the impact of this news on the crypto-currency market. Originally regarded as the future of payments, Bitcoin is used more for investment purposes and saving of value; it is a hypothetical asset, mostly because of its volatility. As far as Tesla buyers are concerned, these dudes are rich and even for them, Bitcoin isn’t a practical choice for payments. But despite that, the market has received this news with open arms. And as anyone would expect, the value of Bitcoin surged after Musk’s announcement, jumping from around $53,700 to $55,400.It’s probably the right time to go long on Bitcoin! What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, like our Facebook page to get latest news from around the world.CEO Elon Musk is optimistic that many of his buyers will buy Tesla with the crypto-currency. So will be buying a new electric car Tesla with Bitcoin? 

Trending: 15 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know You Could do on iPhone

With approximately more than 1 billion active iPhones in the world (according to Apple itself), the iPhone is probably one of the most loved handsets in the world! Clearly, millions of people in the world own iPhones. If you own an iPhone yourself, you probably know how to use its important features. But here’s a news flash: Despite its rising popularity, the iPhone is still completely known to many! The iPhone is like that introvert student who sits in the middle of every class, who we often underestimate; we know he’s there, we see him walk through the hallway, have lunch at the cafeteria, but we don’t know what secrets he holds within his heart.And if you can’t relate to this, imagine the iPhone as your girlfriend: the more you get to know about her, the more you will fall in love with her. So, the point is, the iPhone is one hell of a mysterious gadget. You think there’s nothing more to explore, but it still finds ways to surprise you!From the amazing calculator trick to fast charging hack, here are 15 incredible things you probably didn’t know you could do on iPhone:How to make a group Chat on iPhone?Probably the coolest thing about iPhone’s iMessage is hands down its group chat features. iMessage supports videos, photos, gifs, and some cool animation – something that Whatsapp hasn’t reached yet!While iMessage is a very useful application for daily conversations, it also leads to a very big digital gap. Remember those blue vs. green chat bubbles? If your chat bubbles changed into green, it meant the recipient was not an iPhone user, while blue chat bubble indicated iPhone users. Anyways, if you and your friends own an iPhone, then you should definitely try group chat on iPhone.Here’s how you can create group chat on iMessage:-Open the iMessage app on your Apple device.-Press the pencil icon located at the top right corner to compose a new message.-Type the name, number, or email of the person you want to add in the To section, and tap the Add (+) icon and tap on all the contacts of your friends in the list.-Once you have made your list, type a message and tap the send icon to create the group. There you go, you’ve made a group and everyone in the group can read and reply to your messages. How to find Wi-Fi password on iPhone?iphone users can’t see the WiFi password directly on their handset unless there’s an app that can allow you to see it or it’s jail broken.Even if you have your password saved on your iPhone, it doesn’t let you see it no matter what. But what if you really want to find your Wi-Fi password on your iPhone?Well, here’s how can access it:-Go to settings on your iPhone.-Press on Personal Hotspot.-Check out the Wi-Fi password in the menu. The numbers or alphabets you see in this section are your Personal Hotspot password. Is the iPhone XR Waterproof?iPhone XR and XS are both not waterproof. However, they are water resistant. You can even take your phones with you while swimming, even if you’re swimming in the sea.What is the iPhone 6 Release Date?The release date of iPhone 6 is September 25, 2015. It’s been 6 years already!What is the iPhone 7 release date?The iPhone 7 was released on 16th September 2016.When did the first iPhone come out?The first ever iPhone was released on 29th June, 2007. How to cast from iPhone to TV? Or How to screen mirror on iPhone?Here are a few easy steps to stream videos from your iPhone:-First of all, connect your device with the same Wi-Fi network, which is also connected to your App TV or any Apple-compatible smart TV.-Click on the video that you want to cast on the TV.-Tap a screen icon to start casting.How to scan or code on iPhone?Here’s how you can do it:-Open your Camera app.-Select the back camera option. Place a QR code in the viewfinder in the Camera app. Your phone will then start processing the QR code. Once done, a notification will pop up.-Tap on the notification to access the associated link and you’re good to go.Is iPhone 12 Waterproof?According to Apple, “iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions.”What is the iPhone 13 release date?According to Apple’s previous patterns of releasing their new version of a popular handset, the expectant release date of iPhone 13 would be the fourth week of September 2021. We will update this blog as soon as the company announces iPhone 13 release date.How to fax from iPhone?Follow these simple steps to know how to send fax from iPhone:-Install and download FAX.PLUS app from the Apple store.-After downloading, open the app and login into your Gmail or Facebook account to register for free. -You need to verify your number or email address in order to get registered.- Tap on the Send Fax and enter the number of the recipient in the To section.-Tap on the Send button to roll out your Fax.How to close apps on iPhone 12?Running apps consume a lot of battery, so they need to properly close once you’re done using them. Here’s how you can do this:-Double tap on the home button.-All the running apps will be displayed on the screen.-Swipe up the ones you want to close, and you’re good to go!Another way to do it is:-Swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and you will see all the running apps on the screen.-Choose the one you want to close, and swipe up. You’re done!Find this article useful? Stay tuned to Hayvine and like our Facebook page to get latest tech news from around the world. Just by the way, the new iPhone is on it's way after the successful launch of iPhone 12. We are looking forward to see a spectacular virtual event from Apple this year too. Since facemasks have become a thing now, would there be an alternate for Face ID in upcoming iPhone? Well, we have to wait till September to find out. While we wait for the biggest Apple event, don’t forget to use the hidden touchpad, home and Lock screens option that comes with a brand new iOS update.

NFT Stocks to Invest In | 6 Insightful Things to Know Before Investing in NFT Stocks

The business world is abuzz with NFTs, the latest crypto currency these days. These latest investments are turning collectibles and digital pieces of art into easily tradable items on the blockchain. Apparently, artists and organizations like Kings of Leon and NBA have earned millions of dollars through it. But what exactly are NFTs? And most importantly, how one can earn big profits out of them?Well, there isn’t any hard and fast logic behind it. Basically, the entire NFT model relies on latest blockchain technologies, the phenomenon of deeding and titling assets that has been practiced for centuries. And the earlier you get into this, the more chances you can get in earning big profits that are likely to go up in value.You will find many articles about NFT stocks to invest in, or some suggestions from NFT stocks reddit for best NFT stocks, who most likely encourage you to go in big, but we will recommend you to start with a small amount so you don’t lose it all.Source: WiredIf you’re planning to invest, here are six insightful things you should know before stepping into NFT trading:What are NFTs?NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, are a kind of cryptocurrency established on smart contract platform like Cardano or Ethereum. These are like those rare gems that are too cool to own but also profitable to trade. Think of them as virtual collectible cards. Note that NFT isn’t like a regular product itself. Basically, similar to like a car or house deed title, the NFT denotes ownership in a thing. It represents that you are the owner of something, and nobody has the right to claim it. For example, internet domains can be owned by using NFTs. You can lay claim on anything virtual through NFTsAnd that’s what makes it even better. Because, unlike property deeds and titles, NFTs can represent ownership on anything tangible or intangible – be it a gif, a show reel, picture, basically anything! If there’s any art or even meme you deem unique, you can create an NFT for it and make money trading it.But there are some exceptions. Items like Bitcoin or dollars can’t become NFTs because they fall in the items that are easily substituted. There should be a unique or differentiating factor to stake your claim on, just like art pieces. Keep in mind, you can never create NFTs of things you don’t own. For example, you might want to create an NFT of planet Mars or Mercury, but no sane person would dare to purchase it. Because no individual can legitimately lay their claim on them. However, there are some rare instances. For example, A Flowing Hair Silver Dollar of 1974 was sold for $10 million in 2013 because of its uniqueness and historical significance, which makes it worth a lot more than its actual value. Are they suitable for investments?Humans are weird, to be honest! Like, literally, we’ve created a whopping multi-billion-dollar industry based on only artwork and collectibles. Can you believe that? Millions of people are employed to create such items. From high-end auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s to online retainers like Etsy and ebay, all of these platforms are fundamental sources of making money out of your collections. Individuals even insured these items against damage and fraud. To put in simply, these are big deals and you can make a whole lot of money out of them!NFTs are based on a model originating from the same principle. While virtual art pieces can easily be distributed or copied in minutes, individuals are still willing to own the original product. All that it takes is a love and passion for collecting something, just like Brunei’s Sultan, who is an owner of about 7,000 cars!Apart from passion and love for collectibles, there are people who just want to appreciate the artist for creating an art that they truly enjoy. The internet is full of people who are selling their art in less than a 100 dollars. If you like a specific artist, we strongly recommend you to purchase their pieces of work, because they need your financial support to keep their work going. And if you’re an artist yourself, you can relate to it more.And if you’re none of the above, and are only here to make profit, there are three reasons why we think NFTs are bound to rise and shine.Reason# 1 They are fun and simple!Source: ForbesThe entire process of collecting virtual arts, like in-game assets (words, guns, coins), kitties, cards, images, gifs and even memes, is a fun and easy concept to understand, and the best thing is that it doesn’t require any prior financial knowledge. For example, if you’re able to cross a certain level of game that is impossible for others to reach, you can even create an NFT of it and other gamers would very much be interested to purchase it.There is a lot of psychology involved into this. Owning a visually aesthetic object, a unique item, or an object with an immutable record of ownership is always psychologically appealing to individuals.  So, with that mindset, we believe that NFT stocks are going to boom in the coming years.Reason# 2 Investment appeal and securitySource: TomsguideTrading of scarce items is a zero-sum game; individuals always go for items that are unique and deemed high value by them, thus their demand increases and so do its price. According to scientist Albert-Lazlo Barabasi, network drives success when performance can’t be measured. Especially in the art department, renowned artists create limited number of art pieces, which are highly sought after by many art enthusiasts. This encourages price boost.The NFT market is different from any other conventional market. If you take any sector without scarcity, for example, when face masks got more expensive due to global demand, more face masks flooded the market because their mass scale production was simple and easy, and could be done by anyone who had the means. This also meant there could be an indefinite number of independent players in the market.But the same thing doesn’t apply to the NFT stock, because here the value of an item depends on psychological attraction, not physical need. If a thing is adored by someone, it will be adored till death. So, the economic flow is very much different from the conventional market. Reson#3 it’s an adoption from Asian countriesIt’s no surprise that a number of crypto projects often target the Asian market. But with NFTs, this is particularly interesting, because the concept of collecting unique items, objects, and art pieces is deemed as something fancy and extraordinary in countries such as South Korea and Japan.Asian culture is highly influenced by cute characters, images, and peculiar representations of certain objects. For example, mascots represent a particular company or town, and many popular emoji’s originate from Japan.In short, their undying love for collectibles might be instrumental in rising NFTs stock prices. To conclude, it seems like NFTs have a great future ahead, but be careful how much you invest in it! Like our Facebook page to get more information about top NFT stocks, NFT crypto stocks, along with NFT blockchain stocks.

Gary Vaynerchuk| NFT Stocks Are a big deal For Garyvee| Find out Why!

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, you must’ve heard about non-fungible tokens like NFTs – people like Mark Cuban and Gary Vaynerchuk have firm belief in their power. Many investors prefer to spend millions of dollars on digital collecting items, and it’s something that has exploded in the last few years. Do you know that digital artist, Mike Winkelmann – known as Beeple – made record $6.6 million on a video clip that was originally bought for only $67K? That’s not it, because more recently, a computer generated display called CryptoPunks was sold for $2 million! Moreover, there’s an example of a crypto art rendition of the Nyan Cat meme which eventually got sold for $590K in an online auction. It’s honestly mind-blowing how this thing is catching up like fire.  Advocates of NFT believe that their work is essentially a public service. By fixing the loophole in the system, they’re ultimately allowing online artists to get paid for their content. Apparently, NFT allows them to get paid for the distribution of their content online. There’s another side to the coin, as critics believe that the obsession with NFT is soon going to fizzle out and they’re calling it yet another crypto frenzy.  But look, if you’re new to this, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’re here to explain to you what NFTs are and whether or not they’re a big deal.  What’s an NFT?So what exactly is an NFT? Are they worth your attention? What do they do? These are all questions that come to your mind every time you hear the term. Let’s start with the most basic and easy explanation. You’ve heard of Bitcoin, right? You must know that they’re fungible and not exactly a commodity. Each unit of Bitcoin can be interchanged with another unit – that’s not the case with NFT. The keyword NFT is fungible as it possess traits of fungibility but they’re unique digital tokens that run on blockchain. It’s some kind of a computer program that can be saved as items in a game; hence, they might have properties that can later be used. Take CryptoKitties, for instance, it has players who collect different NFTs. In this particular case, digital cats are there to breed with one another with the aim to create more cats with new properties. There are other examples of NFT, like digital art. This type of NFT is associated to a particular image or sound file. They might also come with their own set of rules pertaining the ability to collect future sales of the work. It may come as a surprise to some, but most blockchains have their own NFTs – the popular ones for NFTs are Ethereum, responsible for hosting CryptoKitties and top crypto artists like Beeple as we mentioned above. Do you know that hosts the NBA Top Shot collectible game on YouTube?How does it work?So far, we’ve established what NFTs are. We know they’re like Bitcoin and used mostly in blockchains. But how exactly are they used?Well, they’re usually used by artists to mint or create. It is believed that NFT can be minted by literally anyone, but you need to know how to write your own code for this. Anyway, you must know that the newly minted NFT doesn’t come with the graphic file because the data is most likely stored off-chain – probably on a centralized server. You have options – you can store the artwork on the Interplanetary File System (IIPFS). Now you must be wondering what an IPFS is? It’s basically a peer-to-peer network that copies a file through several machines and serves as decentralized storage. The NFT carries an original signature that directs you towards that file’s location on IPFS. Why are NFTs so valuable? So many investors like Gary Vaynerchuk believe in the power of NFT. Mark Cubin and Vaynerchuk assert that NFTs are literally like digital property. The way you invest on fine wine, paintings, and trading cards – anything that holds value – you should invest on digital versions as well. But since they’re not proper, physical commodities, you will find the NFTs experience is based on digital scarcity instead of physical scarcity. And because of its value, blockchain inspired assets have earned legitimate store value. Priyanka Desai has the same opinion as Cuban and Garyvee. She asserts that digital property is now essential – if not more than physical property. The reason is simple: we spend more time online than we ever did before.She simplified the concept and its importance by saying: “The whole psychological nature of feeling that your taste and general outlook is signaled through a digital property. Whether that be audio or [crypto] collectibles or anything else — it's flexing wealth or taste. It's not dissimilar to how people behave in the real world.”Bailey, analyst, explains the significance by using an analogy. Bailey says that art has no value, at least, when it comes to inherent finances. Like, a Rothko painting might be priced at $40 million one minute but it might become worthless the minute you reveal that it’s not actually by Mark Rothko. The fact that a name can change the value of the same art is fascinating. Compare the situation with NFTs and you’ll discover that you’re actually purchasing a token and the artwork would look exactly like the token. Who buys NFTs?You’d be surprise to find out the names that are attached to NFTs. Mark Cuban, Chamath Palihapitiya, and Gary Vaynerchuk are prime example of people who believe in investing on NFTs. In fact, Garyvee says that NFTs are the reason he became a millionaire – and maintains that position. He’s been going on and on about their significance on his social media account – he actually has invested on Twitter. What Are NFTs For?Most recently, Beeple sold a collection of his work for roughly $3.5 million. Next in line is Christie, who is auctioning one of his pieces which is currently stored in an auction house. Types of NFTsThere are different kinds of NFTs, mainly three kinds: The biggest one is, of course, used in games. These are the artworks that are used in the virtual world. In fact, you may be surprised to find out how evenly they’ve split in the market. Gary Vaynerchuk and NFTsWhy is the name Gary V coming so many times in this discussion? Well, if you look at Gary V net worth, you’d know why. Basically, Gary V’s net worth is $160 million, and he says that NFTs are the reason why he became a millionaire in the first place. be thoughtful, the overall excitement of the NFT space is Remarkable and very long term, a lot of the prices of current projects won't be sustainable when the supply hits over the next 24 months, even with increased demand, it's not sustainable. I'm in this for 45 yrs not weeks— Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) March 9, 2021if you are doing a NFT project and you aren't starting with .... "What's in it for the community, long term ..." you're missing a very important point— Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) March 10, 2021But what does garryvee do? He has a podcast and a Garyvee YouTube channel. His company’s name is Vaynermedia, and he has a lot of Instagram followers as well, confirming his popularity. He is married to wife Lizzie Vaynerchuk. So do check out Vaynerx twitter account, because his quotes get picked up a lot for motivation. He has an eye for things – helps him predict the future possibilities and what’s worth investing in. And so, if he encourages you to invest on NFTs, he must be right! Anyway, for more information about NFTs and stocks, like our page on Facebook!

Elon Musk Plans to Build a City called Starbase in Texas

SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is stepping into the city-building venture!On Tuesday, the world’s richest man tweeted about “creating the city of Starbase in Texas.” He revealed more of the details in his follow up tweets, which mostly sounded like Muskrubish – saying that the city would be dog friendly and that it would be ruled by a leader called ‘The Doge” (It was a pun referring to a medieval elected leader of the same name and his favorite crypto currency DODGE). But anyone who follows Elon Musk would know how he loves to turn his memes into reality! Earlier, Elon Musk joked about launching a Tesla-branded alcohol ‘Teslaquila’ and underwear ‘S3xy’, and we all know how they ended up. People swept them away just within hours of their launch. Yes, they were Tesla’s actual products!And why wouldn’t it be? He’s the world’s richest man, he can do anything!And just like his previous claims that initially sounded like claims, this too seems to be another one of Elon Musk’s joke!  But guess we are wrong! Elon Musk is serious about building up an entire city! SpaceX’s launch and development site for Starship, a rocket-building company, is located in the incorporated community in Cameron County, Texas. The 49-year-old entrepreneur wants to turn the land and Boca Chica village— that surrounds the area— into an entire city called Starbase. Well, it might take a lot of physical and paper work to turn the area into a big city (and, obviously, a bulk of cash and that’s certainly not a problem for the world’s richest man!). The place currently has access to electricity, but it doesn’t have a proper public water system. But you know what? Elon Musk has already reached out to the authorities to pitch the idea of a big city.A Cameron County judge has also confirmed Musk’s plans. “In the last few days, Cameron County was originally approached by SpaceX regarding Elon Musk’s interest to incorporate Boca Chica Village into the City of Starbase, Texas, Earlier today Cameron County Commissioners Court was informed of SpaceX’s endeavor,” the office said in a statement. “If SpaceX and Elon Musk would like to pursue down this path, they must abide by all state incorporate statutes. Cameron County will process any appropriate petitioners in conformity with applicable law,” said Eddie Trevor, Jr., a Cameron County judge in a statement.Not sure about you, but we are damn excited about the new Starbase city! Imagine seeing a SpaceX Texas rocket flying over your balcony. Stay tuned to Hayvine and like our Facebook page to get more exciting news and stories from around the world. 

Six PlayStation VR games for Sony, including Doom 3

Sony has updated us regarding the slate of VR games that are set to release this year. The list is actually great, as it includes the virtual reality adaptation of Doom 3 alongside some newcomers and successful VR studios.Sony has initially announced a new generation of PSVR for its PlayStation 5 console. According to the announcement, the headset would come with a redesigned controller and a single cord would come in place of the original cable box. In addition, there will be a higher resolution screen and other upgrades. But comes to think of it – not enough information has been given regarding the headset and even the device isn’t arriving this year. Thus, it makes sense that the games that are being launched today will be launched for PSVR – of course, the promise of better experience is granted. Doom 3 VR is the only title that’s been given with the release date. It will launch on the 29th of March for PS4 and PS5. It’s apparently a “retooled” port of the original 2004 shooter and it will come with two expansions that are designed for the PSVR gun-like accessory. The snippet of the game hints us about the updated graphics and changed gameplay. This isn’t the first Doom game for PSVR, the first one was released in 2017! Since it’s not the first time Doom 3 that has appeared in VR, it will be nice to see the changes and the secretive upgrading.  The game was supposed to be part of the launch of the Oculus Rift headset, but got cancelled as it got caught up in a lawsuit over rights issue. But a few days ago, a modding team had unofficially ported the game to the Oculus Quest. Furthermore, Vertigo Games – creator of Zombie VR shooter Arizona Sunshine – is all set to do a follow-up on After the Fall and bring it to PSVR. The Fall was announced a few years back and was supposed to come to PSVR by 2020, but that expected launch was slightly delayed. However, the rescheduling caused by the pandemic has been done, and now, the game is slated for an early 2021 launch. Apparently, PlayStation VR is supporting the sequel of I Expect You to Die 2 – a wild concept of successful escape room title. It was originally supposed to stream in January and promised a highly interactive spy-themed puzzle and enduring VR technology. Other games don’t come with the same recognition but they still hold intriguing value to the updated PSVR catalog. Fracked is developed by nDreams, and the game is supporting the same old sporty-gun formula and is an action shooter built around skiing. There’s intense climbing, zip-lines, and the old-school duck-and-cover combat. Who doesn’t enjoy watching an interdimensional army of gun-wielding?There’s also a Song in the Smoke by Galak-Z developer, and it’s a survival game that explores the themes of crafting, scavenging, and hunting. In the trailer, the gorgeous landscapes and mechanic designs can be seen and it will launch sometime this year – the exact date of release on the VR platform is unspecified.Along with all these games, Sony is also inducting the 2021 release of Zenith – the anime-inspired multiplayer roleplaying game that was funded on Kickstarter. The game is heavily influenced by high-tech fantasy world that makes the players climb and glide on the ground and fight the VR-adapted versions of the conventional RPG combat. Such exciting news, we simply cannot wait for these six PlayStation VR games like Doom 3: VR edition to release! Like our page on Facebook to find out about more exciting VR games!

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