10 digital sales and online marketing initiatives to help you through covid 19 crisis

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: March 28, 2020

The last two weeks have been really difficult for small businesses and digital marketing companies. We all knew that the economy would suffer due to coronavirus but this stage of shutting everything down was quite unpredictable.
So now is the time to devise strategies and come up with plans that will help us later but first, it is important to calm down and reflect on all that could be achieved during this time.

We understand that you might be quite uncertain about your future, especially if your startup was just introduced or recognised. However, remember all other digital companies are on the same platform right now so try to relax and take a deep breath to clear your mind.

Once you have taken a calmer approach, you need to concentrate on avoiding and planning. Now that does mean that you have to maintain six feet distance to stop the spread of the virus but also try to avoid companies that are trying to increase their profits during this crisis. Yes, we are asking you to stay away from digital companies, no matter how high their credibility is.

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Right now, SEO and digital marketing companies are offering benefits that will help in generating money through capitalizing people’s stress. If you are not working with a startup business right now, ensure that you do not make a rash decision and fall prey to their schemes.

In fact, we would like to request all the digital marketing companies who are promoting panic and dependence to stop marketing themselves as “generous” because, in reality, it is just capitalism.

If you are still unsure about what we mean, then look at it this way. If any SEO or digital marketing is approaching customers or employees by creating fear to expand their business, then even in future they will show the same insensitivity to exploit your issues to their benefit. Does that sound like a company you would want to work with?

Fear is a well-known yet an unfair strategy in marketing and even before coronavirus, industries like fairness creams have earned millions through it. So yes, avoid such companies and instead, think of a long-term plan.

Now let’s get down to business. Like we said, getting exploited by any digital marketing company right now means that you will have to work for 40 hours per week since SEO takes a lot of time but it wouldn’t really be credited since you would be working from. However, you can stay in isolation and still work without the help of others.

1. Make your PDFs Digital and Interactive

You might already have a lot of content on the site that could be used to attract more interaction. So we advise you to convert those PDFs into Digital Leaflets so you can share more information with your clients. This will help you in calculating the audience you are attracting and you can devise measures to improve the performance of your site.

2. Virtual Sales Consultations

In simple words, this means interactive videos. Now that all the conferences and events have been cancelled by coronavirus, you need to up your online game. You can make videos that are relevant to each customer’s problems and choices and branch them out so the solutions become easier to understand.

3. Activate Customers with Gamification

Bring more colour to the screen of your viewers by adding gamification. Everyone wants to go outside and experience a change of setting so you can help your customers get a visual delight with this feature. Make marketing games and attract more audience to your company in an entertaining way.

4. Deploy Self-service Tools

Many people today find it easier to go online and research about the digital plan they want so customer services are getting outdated. Do you have a self-service feature on your website to make the experience efficient for the clients? If not, then now is the best time to do so. This feature can work as an assistant and help visitors find relevant information and products on their own which makes their decision of buying easier.

5. Reassure Customers

Your site would not attract viewers if you do not keep them in the loop about all the changes. Come up with a landing page that updates information and makes interaction easier so that your visitors can engage and learn about the site in detail.

6. Make it Personal

This is a no-brainer because marketing plans that speak to customers and appeal to them are always successful. From email marketing to video greetings, all of these features make your website more interesting so improve your deliverability by employing these strategies. You can also incorporate rewards in the form of discount or gift vouchers to show your customers that you care about them.

7. Involve Customers Through User-Driven Content

These kinds of sites are meant to be for users so you need to ensure maximum engagement by moving with the times. Encourage a selfie contest, a writing competition, personalised story, picture voting contest, greeting cards or anything that can make clients generate content too.

8. Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff and this is one thing that is never changing. So, organise an online contest and give away products to regular customers so that others are also encouraged to land on your website. Remember that goodwill is the best form of marketing so have instant-win competitions to improve participation on your website.

9. Make it Competitive

People will be attracted to your site if they find competition because they want to see comparisons. Conduct online challenges in the form of games or quizzes to broaden your audience and also help in building morale.

10. Educational Quiz

Digital marketing has some amazing information that can be distributed among people to increase their knowledge. However, nobody would be entertained by boring facts if you lay them out on the site. Therefore, make a challenging quiz to increase participation and viewers would be more likely to retain that information, especially if they get wrong answers.

So, stay far away from organisations that are recruiting new people right now and instead, focus on improving your own business. We know that times are crazy but you should try to be hopeful so you can step out with a firmer footing in the world.

Updated March 28, 2020
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