20 Innovative Gadgets in 2021

  • POSTED ON: 29/Dec/2020

Thanks to advances made by science and technology, our lives are getting easier and easier. Be it a washing machine to do laundry, a toaster for bread, or a mobile phone to connect with friends and family, we can’t imagine our world without these amazing gadgets. The best part is, they keep coming and coming. New technologies are introduced every year with the goal to improve our standard of living. As 2021 is rolling in, we have a list of 20 innovative gadgets that will help boost our productivity and reduce stress in the new year.

Here are the 20 gadgets you need to keep your eyes out for in 2021:

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Zendure SuperTank Pro

If you’re someone who is on the go most of the time, you’ll be happy to hear that all your battery woes will soon come to an end. The Zendure SuperTank Pro is one of the most powerful power banks, with a maximum output of 138W. Yep, that’s right! If you’ve used the Zendure SuperTank before, you must have some idea about what we’re talking about.

SuperTank Pro is a level up than its predecessor. What’s unique about this power bank is that it has four USB-C ports, which means you can charge four devices simultaneously. While it delivers the promised power, it also boasts exceptional design and engineering.

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Ulefone Armor 9

Ulefone Armor 9 Review

Source: Gearbest

Yes, we know your iPhone has a special place in your heart, but trust us when we say Ulefone Armor 9 is one of the greatest gadgets for outdoor ventures. Its thermal camera and borescope come in handy if you want to carry out diagnostics.

Do you know what’s surprising? The built-in FLIR thermal camera can also be used to detect a leaking sink or find high resistance in an extension cord. Ulefone Armor 9 has to be the perfect Android Smartphone for an engineer! After all, not every phone can turn into a portable toolbox that can fit in your pocket.

Tile Tracker

Tile Pro and Tile Mate review | Tom's Guide

Source: Tom's Guide

Imagine losing your keys and wallet, and being able to find them the next instance. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Well, it no longer has to be just a fairy tale. Tile pro for your keys and Tile slim for your wallet helps you track your missing items in no time.

You don’t have to go on a hunt in your entire house just to find the keys sitting in the most obvious place in your house. To all the forgetful folks out there, get these devices in 2021 and make your life a lot easier!

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Yubico YubiKey

YubiKey - Wikipedia

Source: Tom's Guide

YubiKey is a hardware authentication device made by industry leader, Yubico. Its purpose is to protect access to networks and computers that support One-time passwords, Universal 2nd Factor, and public-key cryptography. It helps users log into their accounts securely by generating one-time passwords or using a FIDO base public or private key pair emitted by the device.

Yubico Yubieys work smoothly with a number of applications and services including Twitter, Dropbox, GitHub, CloudFlare, and more. If you don’t have a YubiKey, we suggest you get one and amp-up your security.


Rechargeable Lighter

Mini Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter Price in Pakistan | Buy Cool Boy Mart  Mini Rechargeable Lighter | iShopping.pk

Anyone obsessed with candles would highly appreciate this rechargeable lighter. You’ll be able to light as many candles as you want without ever running out of lighter fluid and making a mess with matches. And the best part is, you’ll never have to buy another lighter. If not for yourself, you can get it as a present for someone obsessed with candles. This rechargeable lighter can be bought on Amazon for $17.99.

Meshforce M3s Mesh Wifi Router Kit

Black Friday Deal: Meshforce M3s Mesh Wi-Fi Router Kit | ZDNet

Thanks to COVID-19, we have no idea when we’ll be returning to working from the office. If you’ve been relying on your old WiFi router all this time, we suggest you upgrade to the Meshforce M3s WiFi router kit in 2021. We promise you you’ll be thanking us for introducing you to the WiFi setup of the 21st century. This router can support up to 60 devices and gives a coverage of about 6000 sq ft. You’ll be surprised to hear that it provides support for internet speed up to 1000Mbps. Lastly, it allows users to set up separate guest WiFi and parental control.

Air Purifiers

The 5 Best Air Purifiers of 2020 | Infoplease

Now that the world has become more health and hygiene conscious, air purifiers are getting extremely popular. These highly compact and portable devices remove contaminants from your surroundings. It’s especially useful in winters when friends and family gather to celebrate the holiday season. Air purifiers make the indoor environment fresher and more pleasant by eliminating smoke, dust, and even microbes from the air. However, you shouldn’t count on this device to keep you safe from infections. If you’re an avid viewer of Asian dramas, especially K-dramas, you must have noticed air purifiers in a lot of different scenes, but now it’s time we make these useful gadgets more commonplace.

Mug Warmer

Amazon.com: Coffee Mug Warmer - Desktop Beverage Warmer - Electric Cup  Warmer Tea Water Cocoa Milk for Office Desk and Home Use 110V 35W Best Gift  for Coffee Lovers with Automatic Shut

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee every morning, but by the time you get to your cup after taking care of other important things, it’s usually turned lukewarm if not cold. Re-heating that cup can seem like such a chore, so instead, you gulp down the lukewarm coffee without giving it another thought. The craving for a steaming cup lingers all day long.

A mug warmer can help you combat this problem very easily. This simple gadget keeps your coffee hot and steaming just for you. Thanks to this small plate-like device, you don’t have to drink a cold cup of coffee ever again!

John Frieda Hot Brush

John Frieda John Frieda Hot Air Brush reviews, photos, ingredients -  MakeupAlley

A John Frieda Hot Brush is a must-have for anyone who loves styling their hair. It’s extremely easy to use and the design is simple and elegant. You no longer have to spend tons of money every time you need to get a blow-dry done on your hair. This gadget can be purchased on Amazon for only $35.

According to reviews, the results achieved with this brush last for several days (if you don’t wash your hair, of course). The John Frieda Hot Brush can also be the perfect present for the special lady in your life.

PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer

Amazon.com: PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger |  Patented & Clinically Proven UV Light Disinfector | (Black)

This bad boy is a necessity these days because of the pandemic. Your phone is probably the one thing that you touch the most during the entire day. It also comes in contact with different surfaces. To make sure it’s clean from all kinds of germs and viruses, you can toss it in the PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer and kill all the suspicious microbes that are stuck to your phone.

Can’t stay away from your phone for even 10 minutes? It’s okay, just pop it in when going to shower and the small button on the device will start the cleaning process. What makes this gadget so great is that you can also charge your phone while sanitized.

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IStorage datAshur BT

datAshur BT - iStorage (UK) Secure encrypted flash drive

In today’s data-driven world, it’ extremely important that you take extra measures to keep your data safe and secure. IStorage datAshur BT is a flash drive that can only be accessed through your smartphone. It helps users keep the most critical information secure.

Everything that you put on the drive will be guarded by a 7 to 15 character password or a biometric unlock such as finder print or facial recognition. A FIPS validation encryption layer protects the communication that happens between the smartphone and the BT device.

Portable Projectors

Best portable projectors in 2019 - Android Authority

Portable projectors are a must-have for all the movie lovers out there. These devices can be connected to your smartphone with Bluetooth, plus they have built-in Bluetooth speakers. So no matter where you are, you can put up your favorite movie in a big picture format in no time. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the fact that they are compact makes them all the more useful – and cute!

Smart Universal Remotes

Best universal remote for 2021 - CNET

We have tons of remote-controlled devices in our house—the air conditioners, fridge, ovens, streaming box and, of course, the TV. We’re slowly drowning in remotes. When we lose one of these, it becomes impossible to locate it, which becomes even more of a headache.

Well, there’s no need to worry any longer. All your prayers have been answered because universal remote controls have entered the scene. They can be paired with your smartphone and the same remote can control all the devices in your home, besides a few exceptions we’re sure.

Heated Massager Pillow

Shop Greensen Electronic Heat Massage Pillow Deep Kneading Massager Cushion  Lumbar Neck Back Shoulder Relax Massage Cushion Online from Best Massagers  on JD.com Global Site - Joybuy.com

Now that we’re all working from home, comfort is the number one priority. If you haven’t already, we suggest you get a heated massager pillow and put it at the back of your office chair. It’ll help increase your productivity and make sure you stay comfy without getting neck strain. It’s a useful device even if you just want to relax and feel good after having a not-so-good day.

Kindle Paperwhite

The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a boring device that's worth buying -  Business Insider

Are you a bookworm who would rather read and read than spend time scrolling through social media? If yes, the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect device for you! It’s extremely thin and light, which makes it easy to carry. What’s unique about this latest release is that it’s 100% waterproof. This means you can read your favorite book while chilling in the pool. What a fun way to spend your 2021 summer vacation!

Samsung – The Frame

Samsung updates their Frame and Wall TVs with new size options #CES2020 -  MSPoweruser

A TV that can disguise itself as a piece of art, that’s something we haven’t heard before! Not only has Samsung introduced such a TV, but it has also done an exceptional job at it. It’s the number one item on our wish list! If you’re someone who loves home décor and technology equally, we suggest you invest in this masterpiece.

Foreo Luna Mini 2

Foreo LUNA Mini 2 Sonic Face Brush Price in Pakistan | Buy Foreo Sonic Face  Brush Pearl Pink | iShopping.pk

A skincare routine is something we all need right about now! No more lazying around. Keeping your skin fresh and healthy can have a great impact on your overall wellbeing. The Foreo Luna Mini 2 is a facial cleansing brush that’ll take your skincare routine to the next level. We’ve decided to get it and get the gunk out of our pores, what about you?

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine By Spirit USA CRW800 | Track Fit

Gyms have been deserted after the pandemic hit the world. All fitness enthusiasts miss going to the gym the most. If you can’t go to the gym, why not bring the gym to yourself? The Hydrow Rowing Machine will help you fill that void in your life. It’s a powerful machine that’ll make you believe you’re chopping water for real.

Dyson Vacuum

Rent Vacuum cleaner DYSON : Vacuum cleaners Rental | Get Furnished

Now that you’re home all day, it might not be such a bad idea to get some cleaning done. Don’t get us wrong; we don’t want you doing all the hard labor. All we’re suggesting is that you invest in Dyson Vacuum and let it take care of all the fuzz, hair, and dust that have camped up in your house for weeks now.

Circuit Joy

Everything you need to know about Cricut Joy - Cricut

Do you love making home-made cards and notes for your loved ones? If yes, Circuit Joy is the perfect gadget for you. This small and compact device will take your card-making skills up a notch. It helps you cut and write all at once, enabling you to make the best cards and banners you’ve ever created in your life.

These were some of the most useful and innovative gadgets that you need to get your hands on in 2021. They’ll help make your life a lot easier and stress-free by taking off the burden of some unnecessary struggles such as re-heating your coffee or spending eternity searching for lost car keys.

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