After 5G Lotion, Conspiracy Theorists Now Attack UK Telecom Engineers

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 4, 2020

The UK is currently experiencing an interesting turn of events. Like the rest of the world, it was initially hesitant to tackle COVID-19 effectively. The country put the blame on anything but themselves in the beginning, and as a result, several conspiracy theories were birthed. However, the most unique and somewhat dangerous reaction to this pandemic has been from the people who’re blaming 5G mobile networks for this.

Before the pandemic, the job of a telecom engineer used to be simple. Earlier, they would spend time patrolling their patch of the city and ride out in their van to maintain the miles of copper wire and fiber optic cables that’s kept the capital online. Schools, hospitals, businesses – everything relied on this invisible network. However, as the pandemic has forced people into their houses and they are working from home, the pressure on the system has increased. Despite being a dangerous job, it couldn’t be denied that it is essential.

The UK has been in lockdown since March, and the same engineers are now unwillingly the frontline workers. Their job has become even more difficult as some people have started to believe that the virus is being spread due to the installation of the new 5G mobile network. As ridiculous as it may sound, a large chunk of people believes that the cellular network weakens the immune system and gives the virus the room to thrive. Some people even say that 5G masts broadcast the virus with help from the ether.

Source: Radio Free Europe

The government, and this is a personal opinion, simply sounds ridiculous as they continue to promote such facade and propaganda. The general public is already anxious and uncertain of the future, and with these conspiracy theories, the paranoia is only increasing. All these theories serve one purpose only: blame-game. The government simply puts the blame on someone or something just to lose accountability. It can’t be denied that people already lack trust for large corporations and organizations.

With the popularization of this theory, harassment has increased drastically. People are receiving death threats, they’re being called names, razor blades and needles are being hidden behind posters on telephone poles, mobile phones are being set on fire, and the conspiracy theorists are applauding such actions on social media.

Do you know that more than 200 violent incidents have been reported against telecom engineers since March 30th and people are attacking the mobile infrastructure without any hesitance as now the government is also supporting such theories?

“It’s heart-rending enough that families cannot be there at the bedside of loved ones who are critically ill. It’s even more upsetting that even the small solace of a phone or video call may now be denied them because of the selfish actions of a few deluded conspiracy theorists.” – said Nick Jeffery (Vodafone CEO UK) on LinkedIn.

The UK is not the only nation that’s been facing this problem. Similar incidents have been witnessed in the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, and Sweden. But the only problem is that the UK government, celebrity endorsements and mainstream news is supporting such theories. All of this is happening despite scientific evidence. They simply used this narrative as it’s convenient.

Updated June 4, 2020
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