An Early Look at Microsoft’s The Xbox Series X

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: October 1, 2020

The improved
load timing just blows up our mind!

So, our gaming experts have been testing with the
Xbox Series X for over a week now. They played a number of games on this
preview unit, experimented with the heavy game, performance times, and some of the
latest features of Series X.

During the test, they resumed back to previous
Xbox One X for a while, and it felt like we were driving a Tesla and then
suddenly switched back to a Beetle! Literally, that’s how much the Xbox Series
X has improved the games you already play every day. Everything just felt so
extraordinary and improved!

As this was a preview unit, our gaming experts primarily
focused on three fundamental improvements in Microsoft’s latest Console: Load
timing, backward-compatible games, and instant resume feature. Don’t worry, we
are going to talk about them in detail. So hold your horses, and let’s roll it
up one-by-one:

Load Times

The most prominent and apparent improvement with
existing games on the Xbox Series X is the massive improvement in load times.
Irrespective of the game size you would want to play such as Sea of thieves, and Warframe, the total load time on the Xbox Series X reduces to a
minute or two… so, with Xbox Series X, it won’t take forever to start your game
and have the time of your life!

Here’s a detailed load time comparison between the
two Microsoft’s consoles for each game:

Source: The Verge


With improved load time, Xbox Series X also offers
smooth functioning of all the games. No glitches, no reduced resolution,
nothing at all. It feels like you’re driving a brand new Tesla. Destiny 2,
which was held back due to the weaker CPU of the Xbox One X, felt faster and
smoother in the latest console. Our gaming experts haven’t noticed a single
stutter while running Destiny 2 on the Xbox Series X.

This improvement may sound minor to you, but it
adds up to a greater and more enjoyable user experience. Honestly, nobody would
want to see dropping frame rates when enemies are coming at you. Xbox Series X gives
a more enjoyable gaming experience than the previous console, that’s for sure!

Quick Resume

Microsoft claims to offer a quick resume feature
with their latest console, but unfortunately, it didn’t feel like it! Quick
Resume uses the internal SSD to allow you to switch between multiple games. It
takes only 5 seconds to swap seamlessly between five games.

Though, some games worked smoothly with Quick
Resumes, others didn’t support it. Games such as Sea of Thieves, which consists
of a big multiplayer arena, don’t work with the new feature. For now, we will
reserve judgment on Quick resume until the final launch of the consoles.

If you’re eager to know about our views, stay
tuned for lots of information and coverage of Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Updated October 1, 2020
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