Another SpaceX Starship Prototype Fails the Test

  • POSTED ON: May 30, 2020

Space X faced another explosion as the company’s fourth prototype of the next-generation Starship rocket burst into flames as soon as the experts decided to test it. The test was being conducted at the company’s South Texas site on Friday and as soon as they started the engine of the rocket, the model turned into a huge fireball. According to news, the hardware was burnt beyond repair and the site was also damaged.

This news comes before SpaceX’s plan to launch its new rocket into space in collaboration with NASA. The journey will begin from Cape Canaveral, Florida and the astronauts will be traveling in Space X’s workhorse Falcon 9 rocket.

Source: SPadre

Both of these events are unrelated but still, SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk told Aviation Week that the company will halt all the developments on Starship rockets as it has bigger plans with NASA.

“I have redirected SpaceX’s priorities to be very focused on the crew launch,” Musk told Aviation Week during a podcast interview published on May 26th. “So that’s going to slow things down on the Starship front.”

The explosion means that another one of SpaceX development has gone to waste as it has already lost three rockets to the tests before. However, this particular vehicle actually managed to last longer than its predecessors and reached the ignition state. Right now, we are not sure if anyone got hurt in the process because SpaceX refused to comment on it.

If this model would have passed the test, SpaceX was planning to fly it on low-altitude flights in the future.

Updated May 30, 2020
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