Apple Alarmed Observers by Removing Thousands of Games from the Chinese App Store

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 20, 2020

to the rise in the tension between US and China, the operations and businesses
are at grave danger. As per sources, China has already started to close the
loopholes that were exploited by Apple in the past. This became evident when
Apple removed thousands of apps from the Chinese App Store. This is actually
alarming and an indication of danger for the company’s future!

the beginning of this month, Apple has removed approximately 47,000 apps from
the Chinese App Store. Obviously, that wasn’t a shock because it acted
according to the change in policy and worked towards elimination of a loophole
that previously permitted paid games to be sold without the approval of the
Chinese regulators.

this isn’t the first time Apple has gone berserk and made changes to its
services in China. For instance, back in April, the Chinese regulators actually
threatened Apple to shut down the iBookstore and iTunes Movies in China. This
was six months after the launch of Apple in the country.

let’s be clear: Apple’s operations in China depend only on the loopholes. Usually
in China, the foreign stores are compelled to be joint ventures so Chinese partners
are necessary – and obligated to be have the majority of the ownership. And
this is exactly the mistake made by Apple, it operates entirely on its own in
China. Apparently, Apple has not shared the source code for iOS with China and has
somehow negotiated an exemption.

with Trump creating friction between US and Chinese tech companies, business is
becoming harder. Earlier this month, Trump even issued an executive order to
ban TikTok and WeChat which are owned by ByteDance and Tencent respectively.
There are also restricted mandated on Huawei which is another Chinese phone!


Updated August 20, 2020
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