Apple Fitness+ Detailed Walkthrough, Top Review and First Look Videos!

  • POSTED ON: December 15, 2020

The new Apple’s
Fitness+ app is getting great reviews across the board!

Apple has just launched
a workout video service that is quite similar to other app-based exercise
programs. It includes a variety of videos that are led by specialized coaches
and instructors who guide users through a bunch of activities like yoga, treadmill,
and other indoor exercise, etc.

Fitness+ is not as
sophisticated and complicated like its competitors which make it a better and
much improved option. Its deep integration and workout routines make the app a
solid choice for the fans of the company. In addition to an iPad, you need to
have the Apple Watch to sign up for this service. You can also use Apple TV or
iPhone instead of an iPad – but the Apple Watch is a must!

In this tech guide,
we’ve discussed Apple watch features and the Apple’s fitness video with its
overall experience!

As an Apple user, the
whole idea seems promising! But here’s a problem – it requires too many
expensive devices in comparison. Like, If you use other rival apps like Swear
and Fitbod, you don’t need the Apple Watch. In fact, those apps are easily
compatible with other wearables.

But here’s what we’ve
gathered from the experience so far. The video production and music selection
are highly rated. The instructors also seem professional and they really know
how to work with you. In addition, there are 10 workout categories, and every
week, new categories will be added.

When you’re exercising
and using equipment like a treadmill, its best to watch the videos on a phone
or tablet. If you use an Apple TV, the service would be even better because you
can then follow standing workout effectively.

And you’re bound to
develop a favorite trainer! Bakari is super fun to sweat it out with. He used
classics from the 80s and makes the routine feel almost like a cake walk. Kim,
who is an expert in the same category, might come across as tough, so you would
lean more towards Bakari. Jessica is encouraging and pleasant as well.

Every instructor has a
page dedicated to their biography, so you can view it and decide who you want
to work out with. There’s also a list of videos as well as a link to their
Instagram accounts.

Now here’s a positive
thing that has come out of this integration requirement. You can start, pause,
and end the videos directly from your Apple Watch. Hence, add a song of your
choice to the Music app playlists. The device helps in logging into the
Fitness+ user’s account without leaving any data trail behind. This will work
well with you if you’re traveling.

With all said, its best
to say that Fitness+ is best suited for beginners and moderate users. You may
not be a fan if you’re an advanced user. You’ll find that the videos are
labeled as “absolute beginner” or “typical”.

Also, don’t be upset to
find no black diamond workouts there. Furthermore, Fitness app doesn’t get
performance readouts from machines that you’re working on –rival apps do tend
to provide that. You will only find heart rate data from the Apple Watch and
calorie count.

Another possible
problem is that the app doesn’t keep track of the progress of your overall
journey. Other apps like My Strava have options of tracking of the heart rate,
perceived exertion, and also a goal tracker.

Fitness+ is a service
that focuses on making your exercising routines more fun. Like, it recommends
you songs and bring new element to your workout.

Now comes the most
important question: How much does it cost? A subscription to Fitness+ will cost
you $10 monthly and if you want to pay the annual amount then it will cost you
$80. And the best thing about this app is that it can be shared with six family
members. This makes it incredibly cheap when compared to other fitness apps.

If you’ve got an Apple
Watch, you can get access to the Fitness+ app for free for the first month. And
if you’re a new Apple Watch buyer, then you’ll get this app for free for three

Let’s just say that
Fitness+ is perfect for people who’ve been slumping their way through the
pandemic. It’s time they get off the couch and make the move!

Apple Fitness+ is the top
fitness app as obvious from this and many other Apple Fitness+ reviews. It
literally takes you on the next era of fitness with its six-minute intro video. 

Updated December 15, 2020
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