Apple Fitness Plus| Apple Fitness App| 8 Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of It!

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  • POSTED ON: December 15, 2020

Apple has put yet
another flag on an unfounded territory with its new Apple Fitness+ device that
brings to you a studio-style workout regime directly accessible on iPhone,
iPad, and Apple TV!

By using this solicited workout, they can stay active and
remain fit and fabulous all the time.

Fitness+ has incorporated essential
workout metrics into iPhone and other devices which users admire in the Apple

This way, users can gauge a highly personalized and immersive experience
and workout on fitness routines that they enjoy.

Fitness+ provides
workouts from specialized trainers – they offer charismatic and passionate
coaching services to users at every level. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a
beginner or a fitness enthusiast, you’ll be able to find a capable trainer for

The trainers will demonstrate each and every exercise and the
modifications required, so you don’t have to worry about being left out – the
routine will be designed according to your ability.

In fact, the trainers will
give you workout tips and tricks that will smooth the entire process and make
it enjoyable.

Thus, you can access Apple
Fitness App on your iPhone 12 and follow a customized routine to stay fit and
healthy. To elevate your experience with reliable tips and tricks and have the
best workout on iPhone, make sure you continue to read this blog as we unravel 8
hidden features of this fitness app!

Download the Fitness+ App on IPad

On iPhone and Apple TV,
fitness+ will be installed on its own when it gets upgraded to iOS 14.3 and
tvOS 14.3 – however, the situation is not the same for iPads. Hence, if you wish
to use the Fitness app on your iPad, you’d have to download it manually from
the App Store.

We’re not sure why
Apple left out iPad and didn’t think to let it upgrade automatically. But
again, the process is simple and won’t take much time. Once you’ve installed
the app, you can view all the workout routines.

Here’s Apple Fitness App Detailed Walkthrough and Review Videos!

Also, you don’t really need an
Apple Watch to gain access to these workouts. You should know that the Fitness
App on iPad doesn’t have fitness metrics. In fact, it doesn’t even list down
other information related to fitness. It only works as a portal for fitness
routines, so there’s that.

How to Start Workouts in Apple Fitness+

As you know by now,
Apple Fitness+ is Apple’s latest subscription service and it provides workout
routines for Apple Watch users. You can have a variety of options to choose
from, like yoga, cycling, running core, etc.

The new app is designed
to be worked on with an Apple Watch with collaboration with iPhone, iPad, or an
Apple TV. To start a workout, you can follow through the instructions below.

First, find the workout
that you want to follow and tap on it.

Next, you will tap on the “Let’s Go”
option available on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Here we must suggest that you
should preview the workout first so that you know what type of exercises it
includes and whether or not you’ll be able to follow them.

That’s it – start
your workout by clicking the “Play” option and link it to your Apple Watch.

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Fitness+ and Ways To Customized Workout Metrics

If you’ve connected
your Apple Watch, you can easily monitor your total calories burned, heart rate, and active calories burned, etc. But you must know that most of these
features are not something that you can customize.

So basically once you
start the workout on your chosen device, tap on the screen and select the
button called Metrics Editor. It will be rectangular in shape and have smaller
square on the upper left corner. Next, you’ve got to choose from “Show Time
Elapsed” and “Show Time Remaining” and “Off”.

How to See Your Apple Fitness+ Workout

Once you’re done with
the workout, you can review the summary to see your performance. For this,
you’ll have to open the Fitness app on your chosen device and under the option
of “Workouts” you’ll find another options called “Show More”. Click on it and
it will show the details of your performance.

It will tell you at
what time the workout was completed and how long it lasted. It will also show
you the calories burned and your average heart rate.

How the Apple Fitness+ Burn Bar Works

What is a Burn Bar?
It’s sort of a graph that compares your effort with others. This comparison is
available for users who do high intensity interval training, treadmill,
cycling, and rowing workouts.

It’s simply a
motivational tactics that will encourage you to strengthen your performance and
build your stamina and overall power. It will be adjusted according to your
weight and calories so you will only be compared to users of the same

Burn Bar shows five
features: Behind the pack, In the Pack, Middle of the Pack, Front of the Pack,
and Ahead of the Pack. The titles show the progress and you can make your
judgment on the basis of the results.

Download the Workouts for Offline

Do you know that you
can download the Fitness+ videos to your library and watch them offline
whenever you want? It’s quite convenient if you’re traveling somewhere and
don’t have access to the internet. It also doesn’t give you any excuse to skip
your workout plan.

In order to save the video, you need to open the app on your
chosen device and scroll down to “My Workouts”. Here all the videos that you’ve
saved already will be available for access. Tap on “Show All” and decide which
one you want to follow that day.

And to download the video, all you need to so is tap on the
iCloud option that is present next to the respective video and you are good to go. Start your workout routine during December Global Holidays, plug in your earphones and listen to our 26 best MP3s for the holiday season!

to Save an Apple Fitness+ Workout to Your Favorites

Again, this is a simple process. All you need to do is open the
Fitness app and click on the video that you want to save. Then you have to tap
on the “Add” button and it will directly be added to your saved workouts.

to Find an Apple fitness+ Workout

For this, you must select the Fitness+ tab and choose the
workout type from the top by scrolling left and right as per the workout plan.

Once you’ve selected the workout type, tap on “Filter” and here you’ll find a
variety of options to choose from. Like, you can find workouts according to a
trainer or by choice of length or even music.

We hope you found the Apple
Fitness+ reviews helpful!


Updated December 15, 2020
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