Apple Just Terminated Epic’s Dev Account

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 1, 2020

Bad news! iPhone users have to give up Epic Games, as officially, Apple has terminated their account on Friday on the App store.

The epic feud between the two companies intensifies with Apple being the bad guy once again, hitting Epic where it hurts most – it’s access to the App Store!

This means that the app is no more accessible on the Ipad or iPhone whatsoever. Even if you have downloaded the Epic games once such as Infinity Blade or Fortnite, you won’t be able to re-download again.

A little piece of advice for those, who have Fortnite already downloaded on their iPhones; don’t delete it, because you won’t be able to play Fortnite again on your i-devices.

According to Apple’s statement, the company is disappointed for terminating the account of Epic Games on the App Store. Apple has worked with Epic Games’ team for several years on their releases and launches. The court suggests Epic comply with the guidelines of App Store while the case progresses – guidelines which they have been following for the last ten years until the situation arises. However, Epic refused the claim. Also, they keep on submitting Fortnite updates which are designed for guidelines violations of the App Store.

All of this isn’t fair to other App Store developers and involve customers in this fight. Let’s hope to work collaboratively in the future, but unfortunately, it isn’t possible today.

Apple says Epic will not be permitted to submit updates or apps using it’s Epic Games developer account, but customers who have Fortnite downloaded on their iOS or Mac can continue playing it.

Tim Sweeney, Epic CEO, highlighted the hypocrisy of Apple’s statement, and discloses that Epic tried submitting the Fortnite’s new build to the App Store:

Till this day, other Epic Games and Fortnite, as well as its trilogy of Infinity Blade apps, were available to download on the Appstore. Epic removed Infinity Blade and its versions for the Apple Store willingly, while Apple kicked out Fortnite forcibly.

Though you will still find the game in the iCloud account’s purchased tab, you can’t download it.

When you click on the searchable Fortnite game, a dialogue box pops up with a message, “This item is no longer available.”

Sorry gamers, you might have to switch to Android to continue playing Fortnite…

Updated September 1, 2020
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