Apple Might Finally Let Chrome and Gmail Become Default Apps

  • AUTHOR: fiona
  • POSTED ON: February 21, 2020

While the news of the release is yet to be confirmed, Apple users have something positive to look forward to. The tech company is finally thinking about allowing the process that lets third-party apps be established as the default browsers. 

Source: Digital Trends

So if you are using Chrome or Gmail, chances are that you will be able to directly access these apps after the feature is launched. Apple is also considering letting the users stream third party music services like Spotify directly on its HomePod instead of going through the Apple device over AirPlay.

According to reports by Bloomberg, these alterations might be announced in iOS14 because the consideration has just begun. However, this could be seen as the answer the company is providing to the allegations of antitrust scrutiny on them.

In 2019, Spotify complained that Apple forces the users towards its own music streaming platform and tampers with the consumer pool, so the EU was going to launch an antitrust trust investigation against the company. 

Source: Live Mint

Source: The Verge

Right now, iPhone and iPad are shipped with approximately 38 applications, as reported by Bloomberg.

Introducing the feature of making other web browsers and email clients the default applications on the devices can bring a significant change, so let’s see how successful they are in putting this plan into action.

Updated February 21, 2020
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