Apple Provides its Customers One Year to Buy Extended Warranty for Products

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 19, 2020

Apple has decided to change the window time of the customers who need to buy their AppleCare+. It has once again extended the warranty for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and other products. According to sources, the company has expanded the eligibility criteria for AppleCare+ and turned it into an entire year after its purchase. On Monday, all the retail and customer staff of the Apple store were informed but there’s no update or confirmation mentioned on the website!

If you remember, Mac buyers previously enjoyed a year-long window in case they wanted to decide on the Apple purchase. However, the time frame shortened to only 60 days when the accidental damage coverage policy got included. Apple has gone to and fro with the days and has now settled to one year for now. Hence, if you didn’t receive the extended warranty with the iPhone 11 back in September of 2019, you still have an opportunity to think it through and
avail the warranty.

Some sources suggest that Apple stores had already begun the trial for extended timeframe last year.
AppleCare+ offers one additional warranty year coverage to iPads and iPhones and two additional years to Mac. It also covers all the cost for accidental damage. In addition, AppleCare+ is available for Apple Watch, Beats headphones and AirPods, etc.

Apple admits that the pandemic has reflected the AppleCare+ demand and consumers reflect for a longer time to do such spending as the economic conditions are unstable. Hence, AppleCare+ believes that it is convenient to give them some time to rethink as it may boost business.

Updated August 19, 2020
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