Apple Seeks Damages From Epic Games For Breaching App Store Contract

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 10, 2020

Apple and Epic Games
are at war with each other!

The tech giant is all
set to seek damages against Fortnite developer Epic Games for breaching its contract of the iOS
App Store. The company filed the lawsuit on Tuesday with claims of unjust
enrichment and interference between Apple and its customers.

flagrant disregard for its contractual commitments and other misconduct has
caused significant harm to Apple. Left unchecked, Epic’s conduct threatens the
very existence of the iOS ecosystem and its tremendous value to consumers.”

– read the filling.

Back in August, Epic
Games had filed a case against Apple for removing Fortnite from its iOS App
Store with claims of the unauthorized payment system. Apparently, by removing
Fortnite, Apple had violated its antitrust law.

On Tuesday, Apple made
claims that it maintains a legal business and justifies all the actions it has
taken till now.

all times, [Apple’s] conduct was reasonable and … its actions were undertaken
in good faith to advance legitimate business interests and had the effect of
promoting, encouraging, and increasing competition.”

Apple continued in the filling.

So far, Apple hasn’t responded
to our queries.

One thing is clear that after all of this mess is over, Fortnite is not coming back to the iOS App
Store. Epic is all set to reply to Apple on September 18th and the
full hearing is scheduled for the 28th.


Updated September 10, 2020
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